Re: Help
  • 2004/3/10 7:27

  • tripmon

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Sounds GREAT! I was just getting ready to start something like this when I hit your thread.

How is it going?

Re: Help
  • 2004/3/10 18:12

  • samuels

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Explanation about permissions:
Users permissions and group permissions are complementary.
For example, if you have a group named "TEST GROUP" with users "PEPITO" and "JUANITO" they will have access to a download if "TEST GROUP" is selected on group permissions or "PEPITO" and "JUANITO" are selected on user permissions.

With this kind of complementary permissions, only "JUANITO" or "PEPITO" can access to the download if only one of them are selected and "TEST GROUP" isn't selected.

By now you can create categories without permissions to "TEST GROUP" and inside it, downloads with permissions to "TEST GROUP", so this users can't see the downloads in main page but can search and download it. This can be confusing.
Perhaps I'll block it because it can be a headache for admins.

I don't know if explanation is clear, just ask me if you have doubts.

Re: Help
  • 2004/3/10 20:21

  • samuels

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New version partially tested on my site.
Download again.

-Some language bugs corrected.
-Some misstipes corrected.
-Added Per User permissions on categories and downloads.

Installation and update instrctions on package.
Once more, thks for testing.

Re: Help
  • 2004/3/12 7:08

  • taokrieger

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I am getting the blank page after clicking submit problem. Turning debug on, I get:

Error Code: 0013

ERROR: Could not query the database.
Error: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

Re: Help
  • 2004/3/12 12:40

  • samuels

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Download again.

Re: Help
  • 2004/3/12 13:36

  • Shine

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Could you please give the accurate download url, because I've read 2 links within this topic considering your rewritten mydownload module. At this moment I realy don't know which url I need to click to get your latest 'solved, download again' module ....

Btw., great work you've done with this module

Grtz., Shine

Re: Help
  • 2004/3/12 13:57

  • samuels

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  • 2004/3/12 15:08

  • oleman

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So far everything seems to be working properly . You have done a fantastic job on this Samuels. My congrats to you I have Placed your updated file in my downloads section at
Spikes Special Ops
I also added a small animated gif tell me what u think
Thanks again

  • 2004/3/14 19:41

  • dreamgear

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The latest version seems to have its admin menu cross-wired. I can't see the list of downloads unless I pick "broken downloads"... ?

Also, the case-mangling problem persists. If I upload "LittlePal.mmm" it doesn't work, but if I rename it to "littlepal.mmm" no problem.

And I had a thought of how you might implement some "real" security. How about when a file is received, you generate a random string of some considerable length (30 chars or so), and rename the file to that. Put the original filename in a database table with the random string. Now it's impossible for people to guess what file to download directly from the upload directory.

When someone downloads a file, the script would have to send the right content-type and content-disposition headers, and then pipe the randomly named file down to the client.

What do you think?

  • 2004/3/14 20:04

  • samuels

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  • Since: 2003/10/30

About case problems I'll try to correct it. I have used uploader class from xoops, perhaps I forgot some parameter.

I used a renaming script for Newbb Pro attachment, I'll try to implement it in Mydownloads Pro.

If you click on mydownloads admin button you can see the downloads list.


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