Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/7/26 6:57

  • hervet

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BobbyG wrote:
Is there any documentation or instructions on replacing captcha with recaptcha?

Think to non English users, typing English words can be boring for us...

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/7/26 7:02

  • blackrx

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what about for disable people : blind etc..

audio captcha should also be considered

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/7/26 11:23

  • bumciach

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- permissions summaries for XoopsGroupPermForm class - when you have many groups and many categories you get billions of checkboxes (even you don't want to change anything, only looked what perms was set).
Maybe a view to show table with only these groups which have set any permission (with name of this perms). And then you decide if you must go to form to edit perms or not.

- maybe groups and subgroups with tree of permissions (like PHPGACL)? ;)

- simply event logging system. We have
$modversion['hasSearch'], $modversion['hasComments'], $modversion['hasNotification']

so why don't
PS. captcha is bad, evil, not web-usabillity, etc. :P

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/7/26 17:43

  • Mamba

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audio captcha should also be considered

is this being done anywhere? Are you aware of any PHP-based solution?

[Edit] I just read this article, and it seems like the Audio Captcha would be very easy to crack.

But we might look into it, if we find an OpenSource PHP-based solution.
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Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/7/29 10:12

  • frankblack

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My personal wish: remove these lines from kernel / groupperm.php

if (in_array(XOOPS_GROUP_ADMIN$gperm_groupid)) {

Why? Simple! Perhaps if you want to use user quota, but not for the admin or other permissions where the admin could be involved. So what's the story making a few more clicks for the admins? I did not found a place where an admin is locked without any chance correcting this. So this is my wish.

Oh, one more thing: adding "values" to the permissions would be fine. Perhaps like this: yes user quota is allowed for this group with this amount of bytes. $xoopsModuleConfig isn't a adequate solution for this.

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist

The option for registration process to generate and send a secure password to the new user. This of course would require a valid e-mail address is entered and the email actually read for the new user to obtain the password.

Would fix some bot problems with auto register, which has caused me to shut down warpigw2 from accepting new members.

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/7/31 2:04

  • young

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Protected email address(anti spam)

email address in user profile or on the site show like "yourname[at]hotmail[dot]com" and when an user click on the address it will open in outlook or any mail program and the email address is like "yourname@hotmail.comNO SPAM". the user need to delete the word "NO SPAM" manually before send a mail.

this will protect users getting email from any spam bot.

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/8/2 10:05

  • kevcar

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Search for members module, this is a must for my army website so former mates can locate each other.

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/8/2 19:34

  • lenio

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I would like, this new version, which in private messages (PM) if it could use HTML and send an attachment.
Excuse my poor English.

Eu gostaria, nesta nova versão, que nas mensagens privadas (MP) se pudesse usar HTML e enviar arquivo anexo.
Desculpe meu inglês ruim.

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/8/3 9:55

  • bumciach

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Standard breadcrumb.
One global, specify-named array ($xoops_breadcrumb?), which could be filled by modules (if not implemented then core fill it with current module name). Then theme developers could decide to use it (and how?) or not in their themes. Breadcrumbs should be theme thing not module's templates.


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