Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/10 4:01

  • Kainaij

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I love this community. I like Xoops. I never really was a fan of NewBB2. I understand that it must have took tremendous effort to get it to where it is now, but I don't see it as a fully realized viable forum alternative. I use it out of necessity rather than by choice on my site. This is only my opinion on NewBB. I am impressed with CBB and am please that it's development is progressing, something that cannot be said about NewBB currently (for obvious reasons).

The reason for this post may be a little off topic (and you may split it if you deem appropriate), but I find it a coup that Mambo enlisted a bridge to the very nice SMF (Simple Machines Forum) system. Variety is the spice of life and us only having one choice is maddening.

I can go on about the disadvantages of NewBB, but we all know them. It's not NewBB's fault or its developers; but in a web landscape filled with BB alternatives, NewBB does not stack up against the top alternatives (right now).

My idea? Brainwash a billionaire and have him fund NewBB development. Hehe. Sorry for that.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/10 4:09

  • m0nty

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well there are choices..

newbb, cbb, x-ipb (based on ipb 1.3.1), x-ipb (based on ipb 2.0), and x-phpbb based on phpbb 2.0.11..

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/10 4:16

  • Kainaij

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Yes, I should have said limited choices. I wasn't aware of the IPB bridge though. I never did like phpBB, the mention of it gives me horrible flashbacks of postnuke.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/10 4:30

  • m0nty

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me neither. ok i promise never to mention phpbb again. but i agree 'phpbb' does have the insecurities like nuke does, i've always used ipb as opposed to 'phpbb' but 'phpbb' does have some nice skins.

ok enough of the humour

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/10 7:01

  • Marco

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but I don't see it as a fully realized viable forum alternative

you're a little rude !
they started a forum from scratch, etablishing a good base, no ??!!!!


Variety is the spice of life and us only having one choice is maddening.

phorum ? ?

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/10 12:31

  • Peekay

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I believe that phpBB has had a troubled life regarding security, but I think it is a fast, efficient forum.

I was especially pleased when I discovered phpBB mods for Xoops. Unfortunately, the xphpBBi developer upped and left without warning to join Mambo too!

My second choice, xphpBB, is supported at bbpixel, but at the time their forum had a lot of unanwered posts. Ultimately I went for IPB, which benefits from having the stirling support of m0nty here at Xoops.org.

What is obviously needed is more m0nty's (a flock of m0ntys?) however, failing that, if IPB was in a 'supported modules' section and xphpBBi was in an 'unsupported modules' section, at least new users could make an objective decision which one to use.

There would be no pressure on devs to provide support. If their mod was a one-off project, they could just submit it to the 'unsupported' section. Users could still post questions about it in the forum, but at least they won't be expecting the developer to respond.

CBB is now gaining the essential board features that phpBB and IPB already have and NewBB was sadly lacking. I look forward to using it.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/10 13:13

  • phppp

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I was very sad to learn some comments on newbb 2 in such a thread

We developed the NewBB 2 from ground and some XOOPSers love it, we felt very pleased.
However, due to our skill limit and human power limit, we were not able to make it as perfect as expected and it dispointed many XOOPSers. Also, step by step, we, mainly Marko and me, were also disappointed by those negative but not infomative comments.

PPL have their right to love stand-alone-ly powerful BB scripts, PPL have their right to love paid powerful BB modules. Plz, give some place to the module that we ever pour all our time, our capability, our enthusiam and our love for XOOPS.

CBB, now I have to say, it is a fault of me.

I am afraid, it will be hard to see new big module born in XOOPS from ground.
Perhaps adapting existing scripts, like the other CMS goes, is the way XOOPS modules will go.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!

Everybody should also keep in mind that while e.g. the phpBB developers have only phpBB to concern themselves with, XOOPS is not centered around the bulletin board.

Since XOOPS is a wider platform, maybe it is the way to go to focus on making it as easy as possible to integrate stand-alone scripts in XOOPS.

However, I happen to like newBB. There may be some things in pure BB scripts that newBB does not have - but I'm not complaining. With newBB 2 I have got all the tools I need to fill my needs and it is lightning years ahead of newBB 1 so I don't want to hear another negative remark about newBB.

It is fine to put a higher priority on features not available, but don't call a Volvo a crappy car because it is not a Ferrari.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/10 13:50

  • m0nty

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i agree with mith and phppp, i like newbb2 aswell. the only reason i don't use it on my site and some of the sites i maintain is that the members wanted invision board and after 2 months of emails and complaining from them.. we decided to use x-ipb.. it was a preference born out of use.. the old sites before they used XOOPS were just forums either phpbb or ipb.. so people didn't want to change.. the only reason x-ipb gets the support i give it is due to me liking it and knowing a lot about it. it's probably luck that i can most of the time sort problems out with it.

however i do foresee a time when the old x-ipb based on 1.3.1 will not be a viable forum due to it not being developed any further by invision, they only support ipb v2 now.. and due to the nature of ipb license nobody can develop 1.3.1 further and add new features and distribute it

Forum modules
  • 2005/5/10 13:56

  • davidl2

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I think most people are more than happy with Newbb & CBB ... and I wouldnt want to change it... it's fine as it is.

(Although that new email to post module would be a great addition )


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