Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/18 13:42

  • ibzan

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I don't know if this has been brought up at all in any earlier posts, however, I think it would be nice if XOOPS would have to send cookies to Anonymous users but, rather, only to registered users - or at least an option for the Admin to enable or disable this feature.



Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/18 15:27

  • r3g-iK

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- Printer friendly page


Re: Use name() instead of uname()
  • 2003/11/18 16:45

  • liya

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If newbb can have credit point it would be good.

The new module "Virtual doll" We adopt into ipbm forum.
maybe can concern adopt into newbb forum

http://www.tw-xoops.org/modules/mydow ... nglefile.php?cid=6&lid=62

Now for chinese XOOPS fan adopt "Virtual doll" into XOOPS 1.3X newbb release bata file.

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/24 9:46

  • GadgetMn

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A few things that would be really nice as part of the core would be:

* Group weighting - to determine priority of privilages
* Different landing pages per group
* Different themes per group
* Remember last accessed theme as default

The first of the above would help sort out what would be applicable or if that could get really messy, limit these features to members who only belong to s single group.

This would, for example, provide a different landing page for guests and registered users, but especially webmasters...

Themes could then support the layout and access of functionality. For example, in one site I have, all menu blocks are not visible to registered users, specialist groups have access to the Theme block which then enables them to unlock the menu's by switching themes.



Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/24 10:10

  • Society

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MadFish wrote:
A completed WAP module would be nice I love the Avantgo module, but most of my users have phones, not PDAs.

look at www.blitzengineers.de there is my wap addon :)

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/26 9:07

  • ajaxbr

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Ok, I know somemost of these belong to core roadmap, but someone poked my brain with a pointed stick and now it's making me post here. Sorry. [editing for nth time to add links]
-Implement backendjs.php as core
-Granular backend.php cache
-All "top" and "latest" info accessible thru RSS or js feeds
-Ability to highlight items until visited: a new feature that would make not yet visited news, posts, articles, etc, stand out among others. Control whether updates count as 'new'. User and/or admin configuration.
-Integrated Link Checker, HTML and RSS validator
-Integrated statistics (2)gathering, front end
-Auto site map (if possible, as a tree menu)
-Integrated "whole thing" backup system: files and database to a tar.gz file
-Some sort of Spell Checker or s.c. friendly interface (I don't know many SCs...)
-DOM Tooltips (buttons, main links, menus) selectable by users and configurable by admins. Perhaps dynamic tooltips for notifications, PMs, etc
-Protected CVS, history, undo or backup feature so that any content can be retrieved later by Admin
-Solve www. or www.-less problems (e.g.: delete the www. of this page... blank screen? But home page works, so some people will arrive at xoops.org and guess the forum is broken)
-Implement graphing (like in "maths graphs") classes. Everybody will find a way to use it on their modules.
-Bullets, lists and other fancy things in content editor (WYSIWYG, por supuesto)
-User-definable custom data (clipboard-like, for data a user will have to enter multiple times in multiple posts) for content editor. Site map popup for in-site linking or using MyDownloads hit counters for external sites.
-Realtime user interaction features in core. Would make chat and games modules much easier to create and maintain (and would help to avoid some weird things people do to update chat windows)
-Interaction Wizard: universal feature to allow user autologin and autoregister in any other system with same username and password (or a special autologin password). Works like this: if you have phpBB or anything like that installed and you want to keep it as a standalone system with some degree of integration, XOOPS could fake a login in the other system automagically. Admin has to inform which data is to be sent in resgistration and on login and whether session data must be kept.
-Alternative CSS styles for themes (hmm this is Themes, not core) that appear in compliant browsers "View" menu. Workarounds for IE
-Update times: ok, this can be done with cache and/or individual scheduling for each item, but it would be nice to have a "Really really only update site each x hours" or "Update site Everyday at 4pm AND 8pm", then any articles and news submited in the mean time would only appear as set. This way we can have updated comments and be sure that users will discuss an article before being flooded with ten news items.
-Dropper publishing: keep a queue of articles/news items, possible to jump queue but default as "release an item every x hours" or "every three days at 4pm AND 6pm".
-Subject Guidelining system: "Hey, someone should write an article about new Intel processor", First draft Due: xxx, Final Version Due: xxx, Assigned to: xxx, Resources: xxx. (ok, I'm totaly lost, this is like... fifth edit! is this core, module, XOOPS or whatnot?)

For a dinamic content, mostly non-registered users site:
-Granular "Anonymous" groups (filter by IP or location, by theme chosen, by time of access, browser, OS, language, interests, history, etc)
-Ability to set long lasting cookies, even for anonymous users, resetable by user or admin
-Global Search, including PDFs or any kind of document uploaded
-Ability to strip all interactive or 'happy' features in a single click (no comments, smilies, content submission, usernames, etc)
-Hmmm perhaps user ability to choose what extra info for articles, news, posts, etc should appear and how it should be formatted? Like a template inside a template/theme?
-User based statistics (tracking), reports (hmmm, so he spends more time reading user profiles than news, eh? )
-WYSIWYG block positioning, idealy with tables free CSS drag'n-drop-to-the-pixel 3d timelined positioning -WYSIWYG theme editing?
-MyLinks gotta have a dmoz.org (perhaps yahoo! too) import feature. I mean, it's already there, why not use'em? Also, depending on how much link-based a site is, a 'minimalist dmoz-like' view could really boost performance
-WFChannel -> Core!
-LycosBlocks -> Core!
-Stuff under "For a community style site" -> Core
-Better (or worse... anyway, more flexible==more feeds work) RSS parsing in Headlines
-Something image map. Lack of image maps is one of the first signs of CMSness
-More n00b friendly admin features like changing logo (even some l33t guys forget to change the logo that will appear in printer-friendly pages), favicon, etc.

For a community style site (I guess wakka does some of these)
-User selectable Invisibility
-User's "My page": user chooses what blocks (customized weather reports anyone?) and newsfeeds he wants to get there (perhaps even adding new external RSS feeds), reminders, buddylist, bookmarks (hmm, autoimport madness), etc, public or private
-User personal page: contributions by a given user (somewhat like the profile info) with customizable appearance and page structure, blog features... current modules like galleries or calendars already allow personal items, but until now only wiki or custom blocks can put them together. I believe such a page would create demand for a lot of nice modules, like webcams, music/video dbs, etc. It would also use the millions of teens that blog aimlessly to help useful sites
-User wallet, a password protected system like ByteHoard for users to upload personal or public files (limited disk quota, perhaps file compression, etc)
-Admin ability to grab all users personal content and put in public area Well, not like that, but say you have 200 users that DID import their bookmarks... that's halfway to getting them in MyDownloads, right?

Ok... that said, database abstraction and such other things are much more important than all above

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/27 19:40

  • abdala

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I second the need to be able to display the latest X news or sections articles in their own blocks. Also the billing idea would be a valuable addition.

more than one instance of a block
  • 2003/11/28 7:55

  • thans

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What I'm missing in XOOPS is the ability to have more than one instance of a block.

Idea behind:
news-block where you can select category, so i want to show new articles in category "x" , and as a second block category "a". By now, i have add a second block to the module..

just my thoughts... might be difficult to implement.. :)

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/12/2 3:55

  • zer0fill

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News Module, Poll Module, etc
- Any module where the user can submit something shouldn't be visable if they don't have the permission to do so.
- News: Hide "Submit News" for users that don't have permission to create a new news post. If they can't post, there a link shouldn't be visable.
- Poll: Give permission to only submit poll on specified page ala xbox-scene.com. It'd be nice to be able to remove the navbar link but keep the poll(s) on the top page.

newbb/edit account
- set the number of threads before we get pages (ie: 20, 50, 100 posts per page).
- search within thread. case-in-point: i wanted to do a search in this thread to see if this suggestion was already asked.
- alt+s to submit post
- take us to our post's page after editing/posting than back to page 1 (note: if a thread has mulitple pages, obviously, it can't take us to our post via the http://#anchor)

Admin Group Editing
- take us back to the group we were editing. when placing new modules or re-arranging modules, it can get tedious having to go back into the group.

- Make the subject line more descriptive than just auto-reply (have the topic in there, ie: New Message: XOOPS 2.1 Module development Roadmap

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/12/2 4:11

  • Catzwolf

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I would just like to reply to everyone and say thank you for your contribution to this thread, there have been many interesting and very good idea's here.

We will and have been looking at your suggestions and we will try and add your requested features where and if possible.

Many thanx

From the module Krew



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