Modules: WF-Channel v1.0.2 Beta Released

Posted by: Anonymouson 2003/11/20 11:15:30 7537 reads The Xoops Module team are proud to present WF-Channel v1.0.2 Beta.

WFChannel is a Xoops v2.0.5 module and will not work with any other version of Xoops.

The purpose of this module is to quickly and easily add content to Xoops with minimal effort and time.
WFChannel main purpose is to content such as 'About Us', 'Privacy Statements' and other type of information such as this.

WFChannel also has another feature that will allow you to quickly add a 'link to us' and refer a friend page, you can easily upload the graphics and other information for this page.

v1.0.2 Bug Fixes and new additions.
1, Fixed no upgrade Script in package.
2, Fixed missing database field.
3, Fixed Submenu items not showing correctly.
4, Fixed upload problems, this error was due to uploader.php error. Spent many hours trying to fix this before I found the little bugger.
5, Fixed bug where the files where not correctly CHMOD after upload.
6, Fixed the Group Access Error, silly me left an echo in there that should not have been lol.
7, Removed other small errors.
8, Removed all the upload fields and place them into one area for easy management.
8, Added upload files area.
9, Added reorder channels area.
10, Added Comments.
11, Added Search.
12, Added and removed some cosmetic parts.

You can download the module from the following places:

Here at this site for the download area or