Re: Predator Joined Mambo!


Can we give this a rest?

How long? While all will be ruined?

Why are we analyzing imaginary reasons why someone has left?
Because we are interested to the future and the perspectives of XOOPS, and try (not at a first time) to wake up and open eyes some quietly sleeping on the fire.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/7 23:58

  • tedsmith

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Forgive my nievity, but I didn't even realise there were any 'issues' in the first place with Xoops. Clearly a lot of politics that I hadn't heard about. This was the first I knew of developers leaving at all, and only the subject of this thread caught my eye because of all the work on NewBB2, and how much I rely on it, as a user.

Has someone taken over the role of Predz? Will we continue to see improvements in NewBB2?

I speak here from a users point of view. I'm too dumb to develop things myself so I rely on the smart guys!

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/8 0:16

  • alitan

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I don't think there is going to be any newbb release for a long time! But I would recommend you to mode to CBB which is developed by Phppp. He was also one of the main developers of Newbb . CBB use the same database structure and of course folder of newbb so you can call it the newer version of Newbb but with a different name!

Lets get back to the topic now!

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/8 0:33

  • Jharis

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I think what is important is our community move forward as a whole. This is an open source project. People are free to come and go as they please, even devs. We may not like it when this happens, but that's life.

One day I hope to leave my mark on this community. Right now I don't know squat about php, html, or css but I've got ambition, and until I can code or theme or help other newbies I will use the work of others that have gone before me.

Thanks for all the free coding, product, and answers you guys give us. I hope to be one of you guys soon.

don (el paso)

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!

I give up. The point is lost on too many. So what was the topic anyway?

The main dev for newbb is gone. Another dev has a fork of newbb and calls it CBB.

Meanwhile I have an issue with newbb. The fix is to "upgrade" to a fork of a politicaly charged version of the module?

NO and NO.

I want to hear from a real core dev about newbb before I move to something that could just as quickly go away or have a different set of problems.

I'll let the politicans fix the world. Wake me up when that happens. bye.
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Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/8 0:45

  • Peekay

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I think tedsmith and DonXoops's viewpoint are the ones for the XOOPS core team to acknowledge. The problem for XOOPS users is not why Predator left, but who is now supporting the XOOPS modules that he helped to develop?

However, after asking endless questions about NewBB and getting no replies, I agree with alitan about CBB forum. It incorporates features that many XOOPS users have been requesting of NewBB2 for ages.

Top marks to phppp for demonstrating both talent and commitment.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/8 0:52

  • JMorris

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EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate thread. Sorry.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/8 1:11

  • Jharis

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Good points Peekay. Perhaps we could publically display the orphaned modules in a pool main page (xoops.org)? It would be nice to have a few volunteer coders on call that could drop current projects to pick up very popular or critical non core orphaned modules.

DonXoop, Hang in there.

don (elpaso)

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!


DonXoop, Hang in there.

maybe. I've got things to fix and it ain't happening in this thread.

I'll check back sometime but IMHO it won't get fixed with culture wars. It never fixed anything in the past and it won't happen with software.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/8 9:59

  • Bender

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Just go for CBB. It´s perfectly ok to "change" which is not really so much of a change. There is no catch with phppp changing the name.

Originally phppp backed out of development of newbb once because of having quite a lot of other projects at hand. However predator also decided to give it a break as at that time there were several other things in the working too (which now have been lost - sad to say)

So if Predator would still be posting here (which at this moment you should not expect) i can tell you he would have no problem advising you to go with cbb. I am pretty sure about that. So don´t worry.

About the things going on: It´s not (at least not only) a "culture wars". Different cultures is maybe a small part of it but it´s mostly about decisions ...


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