Re: xoops vs mambo
  • 2005/8/2 23:39

  • davidl2

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Skins can always be converted with time and patience..

Re: xoops vs mambo
  • 2005/8/2 23:54

  • Lance_

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I went to check out a couple on mamboportal, and I didn't see a theme there that can't be done on XOOPS.

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Re: xoops vs mambo

it aint about themes baby...

mambo has the wysiwyg in the core...
we were promised this in XOOPS 2.2

further.. we have no ecommerce...
phpshop+mambo is a POWER HOUSE... i am JEALOUS..

also.. why is our version of gallery stuck below 1.4?
mambo is up to version 2 with a slick java upload aplet to do whole folders of photos...

too cool..
i am jealous...
who do i have to pay to get zencart integrated...
xoops deserves proper e-commerce...

i really like the java upload applet too..
is anyone in the XOOPS community using one?


Re: xoops vs mambo
  • 2005/8/3 0:43

  • JMorris

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Skins can always be converted with time and patience..

That they can.

I went to check out a couple on mamboportal, and I didn't see a theme there that can't be done on XOOPS.

I agree, for the most part. The exception being advanced content placement. You can produce something that looks similar, but won't have the same flexibility.

There are a lot of themes for XOOPS, but a lot of them are from up-and-coming designers (myself included in this category). Mambo has a lot of themes designed by seasoned designers. At one point I had a library of over 100 free themes for Mambo that were really impressive. That was before I decided to put more effort into XOOPS.

My comment regarding flexibility in themes is more at the code level. XOOPS can be hacked to provide close the the flexibility in layout that Mambo has, but adminstering that flexibility with XOOPS is a bit of a trick. Granted, most people do not need that level of flexibility. 5 block positions is more than enough for the average user. However, it's a limitation in XOOPS that, IMHO, holds it back a little (but only a little).

I'm working on some hacks that will provide for more content placement options, but progress is painfully slow since I don't know php.

As far as eCommerce goes... I'm sure XOOPS will have a viable eCommerce solution in the near future. Until then, take a good look at the features available through PayPal and 2CO. You can develop a seemless eCommerce site just by using their readily available tools. With a little imagination, a little research, and a little effort, all things are possible.

For XOOPS 2.0.13, there are already a slew of upload utilities available, both backend and frontend. Search the forums, the module repository and Google. You might be suprised.

Just so nobody gets the wrong impression.... I'm not bashing XOOPS or promoting Mambo. It's a matter of no one tool works best for every job. Loyalty is good. If I had to choose to only use one, it would be XOOPS. But there are times when you have to balance loyalty with what is going to produce the desired result for the given situation.

Just my $0.02

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Re: xoops vs mambo

Are you saying there is something akin to Jupload already being used in xoops? the key here is that a user can drag and drop many files to upload at once... super crucial. makes xoopsgallery unusable for common people.... we need this as a core function... where can i begin to promote such an implementation?


Re: xoops vs mambo
  • 2005/8/3 2:58

  • Jharis

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Looks like we should put in a request for these, and perhaps be willing to help out when able.

mass file uploader
better core image managemer
wysiwyg editor for theme design

Sorry, I know this is about two CMS, but just wanted to be constructive here.

don (el paso)
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Re: xoops vs mambo

i am putting a request into the features forum...

seems like there is a reason no one will implement Jupload


as for ecommerce.. last i heard the zencart project was dead.. is someone on this?


Re: xoops vs mambo
  • 2005/8/3 3:56

  • Jharis

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Ouch! A little pricy.

I myself wouldn't mind seeing a top 5 wish list posted on the front page. We could poll to see what features people would like to see. Then vote. Top three request would then get the lions share of attention by those able to handle the requested feature.

don (el paso)
motto - green chili for everything!

Re: xoops vs mambo

Love the wishlist idea!!!!!

I should clarify..
I want to implement an OPENSOURCE java bulk uploader app into the core...
like the one in gallery..

someone point me in the right direction.. my paypal account is ready.
i can even mangle some php...


Re: xoops vs mambo
  • 2005/8/3 6:24

  • Herko

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Yeah, everybody loves a wishlist
But we simply don't have the resources to work from a wishlist. Plus there are so many wishes out there...

Another idea out there is to have a development fund, where you can pledge donations to a certain development, and devs can sign up for those developments and get paid the pledged amount of donations. That way we can free up resources and devote the free time to the core...



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