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  • 2005/9/1 15:59

  • veggieryan

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I like the comment system. it makes any site like a big forum...
how can i get all my modules to display thier comments as default?
It is also important to get the comment box to show even for anonymous users(still need approval...) so I can get people to interact more with the site...

Re: Mambo vs. Xoops... version 2.0...
  • 2005/8/13 23:13

  • veggieryan

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... no worries mate, you were the one who turned me onto SugarCRM... can't believe its already mambo integrated.. it is literally changing my life and business.
i love xoops.. ive been here for years learning it... i just find that mambo has the key modules ready right now that i need to get things done.. it is critical for me that the media gallery be drag and drop compatible... my user base has mac users in it and drag n drop is all they will use.... it means more media for my sites...
the ecommerce is the real kicker.. mambo-phpshop is a really tight package... it sets a high standard... but im sure that if there ever is a xoops-zencart it will be just as good... (hint hint.. is anyone still doing this?)
... i hope some module devs are reading this and realize where XOOPS is lacking...
.. ecommerce, core wysiwyg, java uploader media gallery, CRM, etc...

there are modules for XOOPS that mambo doesnt have but for what i need its usually the other way around..
edit: wanted to be fair... XOOPS has the better wiki it seems... there is nothing like wiwi for mambo yet...
try searching mamboforge.net...


Mambo vs. Xoops... version 2.0...
  • 2005/8/13 18:37

  • veggieryan

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So I wanted to continue this discussion... the other thread went off on a good tangent... yeah for the script forge!

...last i was here we were talking about a CRM module...
..someone mentioned SugarCRM was a great standalone app..
..indeed it is...
..then i found in their forge that it is already a component for mambo!
.. so, with the superior mambo-phpshop, sugarCRM, the java drag and drop enabled gallery2, the wysiwyg editor with easy to use image manager...
.. it was too much in favor of mambo..
.. so im switching all my sites one by one...

in XOOPS favor we have the easier to manage blocks and user groups.... that is cool..
but.. placement of blocks is more custom looking in mambo...
looks less like a common cms...
...also.. XOOPS has better blocks built in to the modules.. in mambo the blocks are called modules and the modules are called components... you usually need to download them seperately which is counter intuitive... but usuable...
.. i will always swing by xoops.org to see if anyone has released the ecommerce mod i was looking for.. or if the wysiwyg framework ever gets implemented at the core level..
... but im tired of hacking mods to get wysiwyg with poor image managers and buggy output...
.. mambo was just too easy...
.. XOOPS really needs the install modules by uploading the zip files feature... very cool way to maintain file integrity! there is even an app that will download the mambo files directly to your server.. cool..
.. and the built in file browser.. mamboxplorer rocks!

anyways.. some of my sites will inevitably stay on XOOPS so ill be around!!!
thanks guys!

Re: xoops vs mambo

That point about the superior placement abilities for module output in the theme is now also making me jealous of mambo...
I think I am going to try and build a site in mambo and hack the gallery module to allow the uploading of other file types... That way people can save their ableton live 5 songs with self contained audio files into a folder... Then they can drag them onto the site and poof! A progress meter shows up.. resuming is supported and no problem.. their complete song file and audio clips are perfectly placed in a folder on the site... Downloadable as a zip or sit of course!

im also looking for a good opensource CRM/ERP to integrate into either XOOPS or mambo...

Am i dreaming?

Re: xoops vs mambo

Love the wishlist idea!!!!!

I should clarify..
I want to implement an OPENSOURCE java bulk uploader app into the core...
like the one in gallery..

someone point me in the right direction.. my paypal account is ready.
i can even mangle some php...


Mass drag and drop uploader


need to upload alot of photos?
drag and drop into the page!

this should be part of the core.
you know its crucial...
mambo has this!
lets do it.

Re: xoops vs mambo

i am putting a request into the features forum...

seems like there is a reason no one will implement Jupload


as for ecommerce.. last i heard the zencart project was dead.. is someone on this?


Re: xoops vs mambo

Are you saying there is something akin to Jupload already being used in xoops? the key here is that a user can drag and drop many files to upload at once... super crucial. makes xoopsgallery unusable for common people.... we need this as a core function... where can i begin to promote such an implementation?


Re: xoops vs mambo

it aint about themes baby...

mambo has the wysiwyg in the core...
we were promised this in XOOPS 2.2

further.. we have no ecommerce...
phpshop+mambo is a POWER HOUSE... i am JEALOUS..

also.. why is our version of gallery stuck below 1.4?
mambo is up to version 2 with a slick java upload aplet to do whole folders of photos...

too cool..
i am jealous...
who do i have to pay to get zencart integrated...
xoops deserves proper e-commerce...

i really like the java upload applet too..
is anyone in the XOOPS community using one?


Re: xoops vs mambo
  • 2005/8/2 21:19

  • veggieryan

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dont forget that mambo is blowing XOOPS away in the ecommerce section.. phpshop kills kshop or the oscommerce beta i am forced to work with...
.. gallery isnt up to 2.x on XOOPS yet.. so mambo wins in gallery...
.. also.. they have wyswiyg in the framework...
3 strikes..

oh and they have noah classifieds too now...... hmmm.....

as soon as i get a fast connection..
if the zencart port to XOOPS is dead...
i will be moving my 15+ XOOPS sites to mambo too... cut and paste style...

where are the module devs!!!!
mambo is kicking @$$ guys.. lets face it...

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