WTF Shareoholic!

Three of my websites are using the xBootstrap theme which comes with the Shareoholic social media buttons built in to the theme. I would imagine that they are also in any theme that's a variation of xBootstrap.

This morning, on 4 different computers, I started getting pop up banner advertising. 2 inches high and full width, at the bottom of the screen. WTF??? Did a virus get onto my network????

I moved my mouse over the banner and a little corner popped up. "Powered by Shareoholic". And that's when I realized that the banner was only coming up on MY sites, and not on any others.

This is something xoops definitely needs to deal with. Every xoops website in the world built on xBootstrap is now faced with this problem

Re: WTF Shareoholic!
  • 2017/3/22 10:43

  • Mage

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I noticed the same problem locally with xbootstrap and xoops 2.5.9! It's a big problem!

Re: WTF Shareoholic!
  • 2017/3/22 13:32

  • djsherren

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I have it here on my local server as well as test site on Hostgator. Occurs in 2.5.7, 2.5.8 and 2.5.9. Its seen on both xboostrap and a theme that started as xbootstrap and was edited for our own purposes.

I have disabled my sites for now as I have know idea what this is doing besides popping up an annoying advert.

Hope there is an easy solution.

Re: WTF Shareoholic!
  • 2017/3/22 13:59

  • sabahan

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remove the line

<{includeq file="$theme_name/tpl/shareaholic-script.tpl"}>

from your xbootstrap theme or themes based on xbootstrap


i also deleted the themes/xbootstrap/tpl/shareaholic-script.tpl

** the extension might be tpl or html depending on your xoops version/xbootstrap version

Re: WTF Shareoholic!

And what will that do to the shareoholic social media sharing buttons?

Re: WTF Shareoholic!

Shareaholic is the service used by xBootstrap to provide the social links for sharing content. You see those when viewing an item in Publisher, as an example.

Shareaholic has added new options and the default settings are resulting in that pop up ad section.

You can remove the Shareaholic code as sabahan mentions above. That will kill the ads and the social links.

If you want to preserve the social links, you can create an account and register your site on shareaholic.com to take control of the settings.

Once you have registered your site, edit themes/xbootstrap/tpl/shareaholic-script.tpl

Find the line reads:
var apikey = '4b44261173043ae4c20b8aef56d4521d';

Change that 4b44261173043ae4c20b8aef56d4521d to the site id Shareaholic generated for your site.

You can then change the settings for the site in the Site Tools Dashboard (i.e. turn off Anchor Overlay Ads.)

You can also customize the social links by creating an Inline App. To implement these changes, edit the template you want to customize (i.e. in themes/xbootstrap/modules/publisher/publisher_item.tpl). Locate the div with these attributes :
class='shareaholic-canvas' data-app='share_buttons' data-app-id='482507'

Replace that line with the code snippet generated by Shareaholic for your inline app.

The current plan for the next release will change this feature in xBootstrap to require explicit opt-in, requiring the admin to supply the site id.

Re: WTF Shareoholic!

OK, I registered on shareoholic and replaced the api code

Works fine but the buttons are no longer centered and they're a different style

Re: WTF Shareoholic!

You will need to set up an "Inline App"

Down at the bottom of the Site Tools Dashboard there is a drop down labeled "Add Inline App Location" - select the "Share Buttons" option. You can control what services are included, styles, alignment, etc.

You may have to edit the individual templates to add the new data-app-id to see the results. There is some default behavior going on there, but I don't know the rules for sure.

Re: WTF Shareoholic!
  • 2017/4/4 20:04

  • Bleekk

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I installed fresh xoops with bootstrap and this is a horror! this big ads are showing and moving right on the frontpage.
So if i want to use xbootstrap with social icons I also need to register on their website?
We need to delete this script immediately.

Re: WTF Shareoholic!

I registered. It took a couple of minutes. You can get rid of those adds, use different style buttons, etc

The alternative is to get the guy that created xBootstrap to go in and turn off the adds


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