Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/2/23 12:08

  • killa

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Picture Gallery: I would like it to support comments, user galleries, group access permisions, voting, watermarking and sending the pictures as ecards
Newsletter: Idealy I would like it to contain the options to include the busiest x threads in the IPB 1.1 forum, last x news items, last x articles, last x FAQs, last x tutorials, newest members, and of course a area to include a editorial.
Chat (I liked the 1.3.x WebChat mod): should allow multiple "rooms" and user created "rooms"
Webmail(POP): I would like a webmail mod that allows access to standars POP3 email accounts. I would love if it supported hooking into a CPANEL/WHM based hosting account to create new email accounts on the domain and search a db for taken usernames.
Shopping Cart: maybe that conects to a OScommerence or similar backend
Online dating: or Friend Finder thats works with v2
User Points: I would like to have the option to give users "points" for posting news, comments, NewBB/IPB 1.1 forum posts, submitted links, submitted downloads, guestbook posts.

I know there already are two gallery mods out there, but I haven't been able to get either of them to work for the life of me and have given up on them for the moment.

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/2/23 13:21

  • Herko

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ABout the first item, the picture gallery: some devs are currently working om X2G, a xoops2 gallery module that will have loads and loads of features, including user galleries.

I too need a newsletter module. Perhaps utilising the e-mail classes in the XOOPS core. It needs to be integrated with the user registration, but non-members should be able to sign up as well.

rest: overall we need lots of converted or new x2 modules, to make x2 the best


Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/2/23 14:20

  • bhhenry

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I'd like to see another option for registering users (rather than through an emailed link). Another site I went to had the user confirm a text string that was presented as images.

My site caters to computer novices, and I think the email registration may be just enought to throw them off.

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/2/23 16:59

  • Herko

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Xoops2 also has the option that admins activate new accounts, or automatic account activation. Those are simple, espacially for computer novices (they don't have to do anything!)


Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/2/24 10:24

  • Aine

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Addition to your list:

Amazon Associate Bookstore Module

The SDK is available at amazon.com...

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/3/1 21:29

  • killa

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I've got a few more to add to the list.

Reviews: A good review module.
Radio: A audio mod that would allow one to listen to various audio streams/clips. Admin should allow for different formats, i.e. Real, WMA, MP3, QuickTime, Ogg-Vorbis.
Video: Along the same lines as above. Maybe both could be integrated into one mod. Should support QT, RM, WMV, MPEG, DIVX.
I know audio/video can be done in XOOPS using HTML, but having a mod for it would simplify adding a/v content as well as make it easier to organize/update.

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list

I would like some generic database modules, where you can specify fields and operations... here are some examples.


Generic Database Module:
PN Generic Database Beta Module

Hooks Module Proposals:
PN Hooks Module Proposal

But, for performance and ease of use (read quality of code) reasons, I prefer XOOPS instead of switching to the CMS these modules are currently ported for.

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list

Well most of these modules are available for the 1X series, I'm not sure if they work in the 2 series as I haven't tested them yet. You can get the UserPoints, Newsletter, Webmail, Dating, and Chat modules from the downloads area, or at Modscentral.com

In upcoming releases of Xoops, we're going to be enhancing the Top Members Block to add more UserPoints features and XOOPS 2 includes an Image Gallery and the ability to send Email from within the system.

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/3/2 0:37

  • Goyko

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for me the Chat would be the most important module of all!

I have a huge portal including many issues of do-it-yourself-Topics.

For that I would like to have Categories and SUB-Categories for the newbb.

Also a Pop-Up System informing an online user about a new PM or an {b]Instant Messenger[/b] would be great!

Keep up the great work you've done already! XOOPS is great!!!


Re: Xoops 2 module wish list

i want a super 'samrt' module, that i can type what I want in this forum and the code will be generated on the fly and emailed to me automagically

keep up the good work devs!

PS. --> in the image admin in xoops2, would be nice if there was an option (checkbox/submit?) next to each upload image to be able to delete them...



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