Suggest a module

I have 4 types of contents, I want a module which can show any, few or all of them.
Say, I have displayed one type of contents by default, I want an option to enable users to be able to show other contents if they want.
Is there any existing module for this purpose.
I will be highly grateful if someone suggests any.

Re: Suggest a module
  • 2008/11/14 7:08

  • young

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you can try the AMS module

Re: Suggest a module

I will try this and will let you know. I don't think that it will fulfill above requirements, however I will try.
I have already used smart section, but its not about my requirements.

Re: Suggest a module
  • 2008/11/15 9:41

  • Anonymous

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I'm currently trying AMS 2.51 Final. Only installed it and had a brief look but first impressions are that it lies somewhere between SmartSection and the News module; i.e. much of the functionality of SS but the admin interface is certainly very "News-like" (which is hardly surprising when one reads about its provenance).

Might do the trick for you

Re: Suggest a module

Tried this, but this is not for me. Its nearly news module.
I need some thing like this
In the displayed article I need bellow mentioned options.
Module can show 5,10 or 15 pages and so on. But these are pages, not articles.
Link to
1. View this article with translation 1
2. View this article with translation 2
3. View this article with translation 3
4. View this article with translation 4
5. View this article with translation 5

On the top I need sort options like this
Link1: View by sort 1
Link2: View by sort 2
That's all what I need. If there is any module, please inform.

Re: Suggest a module
  • 2008/11/16 5:18

  • phppp

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Not able to understand your requests very clearly.
You might try the multi-page feature, or "topic" feature in "article" module.

Re: Suggest a module
  • 2008/11/16 11:33

  • ghia

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To support using other languages on your site, you can use XLanguage or easiestML.
If you are looking for publishing the Holy Book, you may have a look on the Quran module or ask on some Arabic oriented support sites.
For the sorting, you have to specify which sort criteria you want to apply, before we can suggest any solution.

Re: Suggest a module

I am already using Smart Section and its hacks since last 4 years and now I tried "AMS", but my requirements are bit different now. Let me try again to explain my requirements more clearly.
I have lot of articles, each of them with 25 pages or more. I have 5 different translations of these articles as well. What I want is, the module allow me to show the article with any one translation or few or all translations.
Please inform how I can do that?

Re: Suggest a module


ghia wrote:
you may have a look on the Quran module

Thanks a lot Ghia!
I will try Quran Module but at the hand its not downloading from the given link. Can you post the proper link to download?

Re: Suggest a module
  • 2008/11/16 12:11

  • Anonymous

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Have you considered a wiki such as wiwimod?

You can break individual articles into as many pages as you want and add your own links to each page for a different translation.

Search on here for a link to skenow's updated version which is being coded for XOOPS 2.3.0 amongst others.



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