Another slightly different XCGallery / ImageMagick problem
  • 2004/7/30 14:12

  • MadFish

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I'm trying to configure the path to ImageMagick in XCGallery, and can't figure it out. I know this is a stupid question but I seem to be having a particularly 'thick' day:

My host says they have ImageMagick on the server, I asked for the path and they gave me these instructions:

ImageMagick utility and libraries is located in standarad path ie. utilities is in /usr/bin/. and libraries in /usr/include and /usr/lib/. Please refer to your programming manual on how to call it from your script.

I've entered all of these paths in the XCGallery preferences (Path to ImageMagick/Netpbm 'convert' utility) but I can't get it working. I'm thinking that I'm missing part of the path...can anyone hazard a guess ?


Re: Another slightly different XCGallery / ImageMagick problem
  • 2004/7/30 14:52

  • Digiegirl

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I'm running both xcgallery and xoopsgallery. I had trouble with my path to the convert utility also. Luckily with xoopsgallery I was able to "Check Image Magick" in the xoopsgallery admin which gave me the path to the convert utility.

Mine was something like this /usr/X11R6/bin/convert

Then I went into xcgal and added /usr/X11R6/bin/ to get it to work. It's a long method, cause you probably don't want to install both gallery modules, but is worth a try if you get really stuck

Re: Another slightly different XCGallery / ImageMagick problem
  • 2004/7/30 14:57

  • Stewdio

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Dee's metod will work under most circumstances. One method that has always workd for me is to use the GD libraries, which most servers have configured for version 1 or 2.

There are other server requirements that I can't quite think of right now, but I'm almost positive that GD will work under most conditions; at least thats been my luck so far on all servers I've worked on.


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