Top Page - Can't Keep The Start Module On Top
  • 2004/7/28 22:04

  • rcjohnson

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Hello, first, let me just say thanks to those that have helped me so far. I was a little worried about using XOOPS since its new, and does not have as large of a community as some of the other php content managment sites that I've tested. Im loving it so far.

Now, for my problem. Im sure its a "right in front of your face thing", but I've been trying to figure it out all day.

On my top page, the one you see when you log in. I have the "news" showing. Its set from my Preferences tab has the default page. I also want to show (for example) recent forum postings or whatever, the problem is that anything I put in the center, takes a formost postion on teh top of the page. I want my news to stay at teh top, and have everythign else go below it. No matter what I set the "weight" to, they still pop to the very top.

I can't just remove the default start page preference, and have the News page has my top block because then the full news story is not seen.

Any ideas are appreciated and thanks in advance.


Re: Top Page - Can't Keep The Start Module On Top
  • 2004/8/7 23:05

  • Flinx

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I'm haveing the same problem.
Idealy I want to show the most recent News item on the top, and then the forum updates, and comment updates, random images ( blah,blah ) and finally the rest of the recent news.

I think it doesn't work b/c the news items are not a "block" which would have a weight and be positional. If there were a way to create a block that could display a news item, then it could be done.

Anybody want to help us?
Thanks in advance

Re: Top Page - Can't Keep The Start Module On Top
  • 2004/8/8 1:47

  • kjs222

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The order you're experiencing can be explained by analyzing the index.html page in your site's "/themes/[your current theme]/index.html" file.

You'll find here the php template that defines how your page is put together. It includes loops to show each block element, and if you're at all familiar with HTML and source code, you'll quickly understand why your experience happens.

The issue lies in the following code:


<td id="centercolumn">

<!-- Display center blocks if any -->
<{if $xoops_showcblock == 1}>

<table cellspacing="0">
<td id="centerCcolumn" colspan="2">

<!-- Start center-center blocks loop -->
<{foreach item=block from=$xoops_ccblocks}>
<{include file="default/theme_blockcenter_c.html"}>
<!-- End center-center blocks loop -->

<td id="centerLcolumn">

<!-- Start center-left blocks loop -->
<{foreach item=block from=$xoops_clblocks}>
<{include file="default/theme_blockcenter_l.html"}>
<!-- End center-left blocks loop -->

</td><td id="centerRcolumn">

<!-- Start center-right blocks loop -->
<{foreach item=block from=$xoops_crblocks}>
<{include file="default/theme_blockcenter_r.html"}>
<!-- End center-right blocks loop -->


<!-- End display center blocks -->

<div id="content">

This is the cell for the center column (as indicated by the css tag). Within this cell, there are divs and tables defined for particular block-types and content, the order seen above (which is from default theme set) is:

- Center Center column blocks
- Center Left column blocks
- Center Right column blocks, and
- Content (which refers to the actual content of this page).

With this information in-hand, there's two solutions:

1. Go into your active theme's index.html file and re-position the blocks as you wish (fir instance, you could cut out the Center-Center column blocks from the top and move them to the bottom). This is quite simple, so long as you have a basic understanding of HTML - it'll do exactly what you tell it to.

2. Download, install, activate, and order a module that displays news items in blocks. I know there are a few; I've only used "spotlight" myself (and I like it). I belive there's another called something like "lykoszine," as well as a number of block-packages I've ran into - I believe I tried and failed to install lykoszine in the past, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.

Hope that helps,


Re: Top Page - Can't Keep The Start Module On Top
  • 2004/8/22 4:44

  • rcjohnson

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Hi Keith,
forgot to say thanks for the well written post. You helped me.



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