Torrent Module
  • 2004/7/15 10:18

  • impx1

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Well there is a topic about torrent module also one person tried coding it but in the end there isn't anything.
I searched internet and couldn't find any torrent module for xoops. But one of the anime site has XOOPS torrent module. http://www.kaizoku-fansubs.com/torrent/
Does anyone have it or know where I can get it?

Re: Torrent Module

if you note at the bottom of the page, it's not a XOOPS module:

"We are now using an off-site tracker and have not yet implemented the stat forwarding. To view the torrent stats, please check the tracker page here."

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Re: Torrent Module
  • 2004/12/30 16:16

  • jusui

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What my site has done is we use PHPBTTracker, remove the css so it uses the theme we have in place, and then wrote a simple php document that includes the upload form and stats into one table and then created a wrap using the tinycontent module, so we now have a Tracker link in the menu and the tracker shows up inside the site. To download torrents, we use the main download module, in which members upload their torrent file, create a description and screencap, which indexes them all nicely, and allows the person to then easily begin to seed.

Re: Torrent Module
  • 2005/1/18 10:11

  • ilivanov

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There is a torrent tracker for XOOPS, but maybe for version 1.x.x, cos Avalon Tracker doesnt work with XOOPS and, u can get it from here - http://archamedis.net/index.php?modul ... er_op=view_page&PAGE_id=6


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