Re: Everything you never wanted to know about Xoops and shouldn't have asked
  • 2004/7/5 18:27

  • lajab

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Big Bro

I'm not the developer here. Didn't ask for a thing...so I don't know WHAT you're talking about. Again a matter that had nothing to do with me and Herko has been gracious enough to apologize so it's done. If you have something else to say to me, make it gaming.

Re: Everything you never wanted to know about Xoops and shouldn't have asked
  • 2004/7/5 18:29

  • JillianM

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D@#$ ! That was some kind of apology. And I'm confused now, I thought Catz was the MIA not L. So she was keeping mods?

Re: Everything you never wanted to know about Xoops and shouldn't have asked
  • 2004/7/5 18:40

  • lajab

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I have asked Herko to shut this down now so move along people, nothing to see here!

Re: Everything you never wanted to know about Xoops and shouldn't have asked
  • 2004/7/5 18:51

  • Herko

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Seriously tho. All this is just one misunderstanding building atop another one, and so on. And I freely admit, I am the one that started all this.

Catzwolf sent me an e-mail over a month ago announcing his departure as module development team leader due to health reasons. I never recieved this message.
So for weeks, I was awaiting his return, thinking about the promises we both made and the modules he had in development, requested and required by me, for the xoops.org website. As many of you have learned, Catz's modules are great, but eternally in beta stage.
Without any knowledge of Catz's departure, you can imagine my surprise when I saw those modules on th ewfsections site, managed by someone I had never seen on xoops.org before (not saying that he wasn't, just that I have never seen him). So, I contacted him and told him that 3 of the modules he offered were not his to offer, because one is a core module, one is developed by Ackbarr (another member of the Core Team, where Catz also belonged to), and one was promised by Catz to be developed further on the dev.xoops.org website. I must have been rather rash in my shocked state (for which I humbly apologised to Liquid), and demanded that he'd stop the development of those modules on the above grounds. I can imagine that Liquid reacted the way he did, in my defence I was only trying to get what was promised to me by Catz.

Having had no news or word from Catz in almost a month, I decided to stop sending him e-mails. I had a phone number of his parents home, I think (he lived three for a short time, I think), but they informed me he didn't live there anymore. In a HD crash I also lost the number. So I looked at the other sites I knew he was active. Cori's site being the one where he was seen last. I logged on (Catz created an account for me there once, giving me admin access to the wfsections module, so I could see his work -this is what I told Cori, and that she could remove the admin access), I sent Cori a PM with an explanation of me not hearing anything from Catz, and if she knew how I could get in touch with him. Since it was a PM, I logged in on her site daily to see if she replied. When after a few days she hadn't, I thought I'd send an e-mail, with the same explanation and request. She removed my account on her site then. She did so because of the admin access. That could have been done in another way, but this was more effective. So I don't really blame her for doing that. I never meant to harass Cori, nor demand she'd help me, nor threaten her in any way. If she feels I did, I apologised for that (several times actually).

But now I was being ignored by Cori as well as by Catz (still had no information whatsoever). What was I to think? Only when Catz posted on the dev.xoops.org website I knew the mistake I made, but that was permitted to last for over a month.

To make a long story short, I apologise to Liquid, Labjab and Catz for my mistake. But, I think you overreacted on your parts too.

This evening, Catz contacted me, sending me his phone number. This whole business needs to be cleared up, and I think that is very well possible. I hold Catzolf, Liquid and Labjab in the highest regard for everything they have done and are doing for XOOPS. Catz and I will work this out, as soon as I find a phonenumber that actually works Catz, the number you gave me doesn't exist... I tried a dozen times. I mailed you several times, but your domain is no loger valid. I don't know how te get in touch with you. I tried, and did all I did because I thought it was the right thing to do.

Now everything has both sides of this soap opera. Please lets leave it at that and get on. I am not asking anyone to take sides, nor am I accounting myself to everyone here. But I have nothing to hide.


Re: Everything you never wanted to know about Xoops and shouldn't have asked
  • 2004/7/5 18:53

  • Big_Bro

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I'm not suggesting that you are developer and I'm not either, just a user who has been waiting for these things for a long time, and no I'm not going to play video games in lieu of speaking my mind. I waited and waited for unfulfilled promises concerning these modules that I was once ready to pay a friend to do and release to the community, had I and others known that the promises weren't real these modules and bug fixes would be long done and the 70 plus people online now could actually be using them.

Finally, someone stands up and says enough is enough and tries to get those modules back so SOMEONE can try to do something with them, and you try to publicly shame him and actually call him a stalker because you didn't like his tone of voice to you. That's a naked attempt to try to make him look bad for your own personal reasons, and I won't idly accept that for someone just trying to stand by the 70 plus users online right now and make this a better system.

Kudos Herko.


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