Virtual keyboard for login
  • 2004/5/20 13:33

  • hyapadi

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How if XOOPS add virtual keyboard options in the login area. Because i often login in public computer which sometimes have keylogger installed.


Re: Virtual keyboard for login
  • 2004/5/20 15:56

  • m0nty

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where is this public computer that has keylogger installed?

i would seriously complain regarding the use of keyloggers on a publicly accessible computer (especially in a college or library or internet cafe or wherever)

since in my opinion it is an invasion of privacy and i'm sure in those cases it's against the law..

Re: Virtual keyboard for login
  • 2004/5/20 16:15

  • limecity

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Its a very common thing everywhere in public computers..

you just don't know if there is a a keylogger installed.
the shopkeeper doesn't know anything. he sits there deal with the customers. Thats all.

You made a complain. They go clean it up. And next several days. It comes back again.

I have seen some public computers let the users 90% control of it. Install programs this and that.

I sometimes also use public in case of emergency. I created another admin account with access to most admin parts in my XOOPS site. and only use it on public comps. I'll change the password everything i use it. whatever has been log by the keylogger would be useless.

Re: Virtual keyboard for login
  • 2004/5/22 0:40

  • hyapadi

  • Just popping in

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Hhehehe. For your information, I`m living in indonesia whereas there is a lot of internet cafe and the cafe user can install it themself. And we as the user can do nothing about this. Too bad..

Just wonder is someone make a module or whatever to enable virtual keyboard. anyone? :P


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