Re: Soapbox issue corrected.
  • 2004/3/6 18:46

  • hsalazar

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Thanks for your comments. I think the ordering articles and columns is not that hard to accomplish. I'll try to include it in the next iteration.

I regret to say I haven't looked yet at the blocks issue, so I'll need more days to do some progress in this. I've solved a fech more glitches, but I'll wait till I have a more solid module to offer the community. So for the moment it's safer to use the module WITHOUT using the blocks.

Meanwhile, I'm about 85% finished with Wordbook, a glossary module that will allow a webmaster to define if it'll work as a single-glossary module or as as multi-glossary module. Right now I'm working on the search function, then all I'll have left to do is the ask a definition thing and a lot of cleaning up.


Re: Soapbox issue corrected.
  • 2004/3/6 22:42

  • krayc

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Horacio, Do you forsee any compatible issues with newer versions of Soapbox and this current 1.2 version? I am anxious to put it into production.


Re: Soapbox issue corrected.
  • 2004/3/7 0:25

  • hsalazar

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I'd like to keep things compatible. However, in order to satisfy some of the petitions, I might be moved to change the database. So maybe I'll have to learn how to build an update script...


Re: Soapbox issue corrected.
  • 2004/3/7 1:19

  • krobi

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@hsalazar: would it be possible to include subcategories in the next version of soapbox? i really like the modul and i would like to install it and use it

but i NEED subcategories, then i could delete my three news modules and i could use your great modul instead of the three news module, and i dont need do find and fix an error in the three clones

Re: Soapbox issue corrected.
  • 2004/3/9 14:18

  • Wayne

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Greetings hsalazar,

Thanks for a great module, but I have found a bug in article.php I think. On the article page, under the "More news by" block, each older item shows the date of the current item.

You can create an account on Amiga.org, then go to /modules/soapbox and view either column to see the bug in question.

Wayne Hunt


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