Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2003/6/24 20:50

  • EddyBodde

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I am a great fan of Dadabik too. I used it under PHPNuke.
You say that something similar is possible with the sections-module???


Or maybe you know if Dadabik is already available for XOOPS V2

Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2003/10/1 13:25

  • EddyBodde

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How do i use the sections-module to make something simular to DadaBik???

I really love XOOPS but having trouble to maintain a database for users which must be able to add, delete or edit only their own records.

Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2003/10/1 15:43

  • tom

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what do you think the 'standard' for this is? i've been looking at...curious about...wanting to setup...or write..or port...a webmail system that would be integrated into xoops, so i can just goto my site and when i log in, it'll tell me if i have new messages as well as allow me to view them.

the question is, what do other people want? is something on the level of say yahoo/hotmail needed? or is the integration of something like squirrelmail/etc good enough? when i say integration, i mean having a config where you'd setup your imap/pop server/servers. not having to log in after you've clicked on a link. and possibly importing that mail into the XOOPS pm folder...which then leads to folder support/filters/etc...

I've been looking for a mail script for a while, I ended up going for hive mail although it seperate to xoops, costs and seems to have many problems.

I wanted a script to be able to offer a mail service simler to hotmail/yahoo, working of one pop catch all then delivering to user accounts, which is what Hivemail.com does, there is however another script which does not cost, it's a german script with english lang too and can be found @ the following url:


Now back to the original post, I've been using XOOPS for a long time now, I've tried many of the others and XOOPS through my tests was and is imo the leading OSCMS, although we may lack some modules, these will come with time, at the moment we have a very stable and advanced cms developed by a very supportive, active and dedicated team, with a very bright future, and as boobtoob said we have more quality users and contributors than quantity and I too like it this way.

Kind regards
Timothy Bowers

Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2003/11/13 19:47

  • EddyBodde

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When can we expect the final release including the sections-module that is capable of doing the things DADABIK can do????

Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2003/11/14 3:59

  • Per4orm

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Why do so many more people use PHP-Nuke and PostNuke? Because, in my opinion, these people have scant regard for quality and a lack of imagination and creativity. Sure, the "Nukes" have a lot of support. They have a huge number of modules available. But which of these are of any use?

If you look at the vast majority of PHP-Nuke and PostNuke sites, they are little more than sites promoting new modules and themes for the original CMS. What use is a CMS that isn't used in a real world application? Why create a CMS for which the major use is to promote that same CMS?

I have chosen to use XOOPS for my upcoming site for a number of reasons. Firstly, I find the interface by far the most user-friendly and attractive I've come across. Secondly, the modules and blocks created for XOOPS actually carry a real-world application. Thirdly, it is incredibly easy to customize through a very well designed templating system. Fourth, it is the real power in simplicity. Why over complicate matters? Most portal sites consist of some news, a few articles and the odd forum... why do PHP-Nuke and Post-Nuke supply around 50 modules in the core package to do this job?

Enough ranting... I'm preaching to the converted!

Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2003/11/14 4:11

  • MadFish

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but why are there SO many more phpnuke usersThere really doesn't seem to be any 'killer apps' or more themes..or more modules for phpnuke...

I think its just an age thing. Awareness of XOOPs is still relatively low, a lot of people just haven't heard of it. When I first mentioned it to my colleagues the first thing they said was 'what ?!?', and the second was 'wow'. The user base will grow very quickly as more sites come online and word spreads.

Also, a lot of the reviews of XOOPs available on the internet are old - they relate to XOOPs 1.

Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc - stuck with nuke
  • 2003/11/14 10:48

  • dae510

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i use phpnuke, and i am looking for an alternatve. my problem is i am no DB guru so i need something like a nuke2xoops.sql script. googling for it only returned a rather vague article on linuxworld about a migration...
now for basic users like me the lack of such a script makes it impossible for me to move to xoops.
and relating to this discussion i believe there are a lot of people like me out there who inherited nuke from a friend, are getting to know the CMS options, but don't have the ability to do the migration. Stuck with nuke...
postnuke has the scripts, the day when XOOPS has a migration-script i'm moving :),


Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2003/11/14 15:20

  • tirian

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azaidi wrote:

You must consider having a proper integrated webmail system for multiple POPs...

I would also like to see a webmail 'core' module. I know the Webmail2 module exists, but I haven't been able to get it to work properly... yet.

I evaluated several OSCMS's before choosing Xoops. One criteria I looked at was developement of the core. XOOPS is being developed the right way. It doesn't add a thousand and one features and have only half work. It builds on a solid foundation: the best install script in the OSCMS space, a good user/group permission engine and low admin learning curve. I'd rather patiently wait for some of the other 'core' modules than have them released and not work. Keep up the good work!

Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2004/2/9 18:13

  • EddyBodde

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i'm a great fan of Dadabik too.
You write that the sections-module can do the same??
Could you tell me HOW or when this module is being released?

thanks, I deprarately trying to find something like Dadabik


Re: xoops vs phpnuke/postnuke/etc
  • 2004/8/29 14:53

  • cablesurfr

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Is Dadabik like phpCodeGenie?



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