DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/11/30 8:06

  • finalfiler

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I was just about to make a donation to XOOPS via Paypal using my AMEX.

I decided to read the privacy statement -

I clicked the link and get taken to a page advertising all the wonderful Paypal services I can avail myself of. Nowhere is there a privacy statement. I search and finally, at the bottom of the page, in small print "Privacy". The first couple of pages seem straight forward enough. But then we get into storing cookies on my PC "to assist with customer service" and help Paypal understand (my) needs. Excuse me?

Next, I am advised Paypal will "store my personal information" for "customer service" and to "keep (me) informed about " all manner of things.

Having just deleted my favourite email account, which has been with me since 1994 and has now been killed by too much SPAM, there is no way I am going to open that door!

I'd be happy to donate, but not thru Paypal.


Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/11/30 8:43

  • intel352

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i've had a paypal account for well over a year, have it registered with 3 email addresses to the same account, never received spam due to paypal

they keep your record on file so that you can have an account with them, not to spam you

personally, i love paypal, paypal is my friend lol

Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/11/30 9:17

  • Stewdio

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I feel your pain, and I would hate to loose the account I have been using for well over five years. To this day, I only get three to four junk mailings a month through this account.

When using things over the net for account creation, do what I did and go to hotmail and create a spam account just for logging into and registering at sites that require it. I have no less then five main email accounts that I have been using for quite sometime, and none of them recieve spam because I don't use them for anything other then personal mail. My hotmail is the ultimate catch-all spam account that I don't even have to check, except for registration confirmation that I can later ignore or delete at will. I don't even look at the rest and I tell people on my MSN not to send mail to that account if they want me to read it.

Anyway, just felt like sharing since I know what it's like to have a long standing email account.

Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/11/30 9:47

  • Herko

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We're working on getting a WorldPay.com account, but I don't know how long that's going to take. I guess we'll just have to work hard on keeping XOOPS donation-worthy Then again, FInalFiler, you're now part of the DOc Team, you're contributing already! I think that should be enough


Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/11/30 9:56

  • finalfiler

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I am more than happy to donate- XOOPS has been worthwhile for me and a number of groups I am involved with, especially some non-profit ones who have champagne tastes and beer pockets.

The Paypal privacy thing may be an over-reaction on my part, but I'm getting really pissed with the way some of these organisations gather information on the basis that it then becomes their property and asset.

Sorry, I'm off again.

Anyway, I've fired off a critique at Paypal.com - I am looking forward to their response.

Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/11/30 22:18

  • Anonymous

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I never got spam from any of my private email accounts I use with PayPal.

PayPal is safe, I have used them for ages.


Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/11/30 23:11

  • Wingz

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Ditto here. Have had two PayPal accounts for some theree years, business and personal and have NEVER had spam on those account email addresses. PayPal has been seamless for me.

Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/12/1 0:28

  • chrisz

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I had to get rid of my e-mail account a couple years ago due to too much SPAM. Since, I have created several accounts. One is for business and personal correspondance, another is for eBay and PayPal, and another is used for signing up with other websites or for mailing lists. I have NOT to this day received any SPAM to my first and second accounts. I trust eBay and PayPal not too SPAM me or give out my address. If, at any time, they betray my trust, believe me, they'll get HELL. There's ways to get back.

Good luck!

Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2003/12/1 1:48

  • Chado

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Speaking of Spam, I just thought I would share this with everyone. I found an open source Spam fighting program that is great. It is a little tough to learn, but anyone on this site, should be fine. I have basically eliminated all my spam in just a week! And fighting spam is only part of what it does...
Check out:http://popfile.sourceforge.net/


Re: DOnations and Paypal
  • 2004/3/16 8:35

  • gruessle

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I have 4 PayPal email addresses meaning 4 email addresses which I have given paypal and nobody else.
They are 1-4 years old. I have never received any spam on those email addresses.

PayPal had many law suites so they just have to play it save.

(If you like you can send me a check and I make the donation for you )



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