xoops 2.1 release date
  • 2003/11/6 12:31

  • stratoz4

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i tried doing a search for the answer to this but couldnt find anything...

any idea on a rough release date of 2.1?

Re: xoops 2.1 release date
  • 2003/11/6 12:39

  • Herko

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All I can say about this is NO date has been set in any way whatsoever. Now let me make this as clear as I possibly can: please please please don't start asking about release dates now. Version 2.0.5 is just out, and if you read the wishlist (NOT a list of features that will be added in 2.1), you'll see that there is a lot of work still. XOOPS is quality software, and that is why many people choose XOOPS, this also means that the devs think the features over and through very very well, and quality takes time.

So, no more posts like this please, we'll announce it when we will release alpha's and beta's and RC's when the time is right


Re: xoops 2.1 release date
  • 2003/11/7 15:46

  • stratoz4

  • Just popping in

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sorry dude i think you got the wrong impression.

the only reason im asking is because i plan to make a lot of hard-coded changes to xoops, and didnt want to do it if the next version was out in a few weeks.

it looks like it will be a while longer, and im happy for that, so i will make the hard coded changes now, and wait for the release whenever..

thanks and good luck.

Re: xoops 2.1 release date

It'll be out sometime BEFORE Harry Potter Book 6 is out. :)


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