Help making admin look like rest of site
  • 2003/5/30 21:21

  • frizzo

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I need to make the news admin match the layout of the rest of the site .. the journalism dept at my uni will be using XOOPS and they would freak out if they go to edit articles and it kicks into the default mode .. so i want to take the edit/approve article functionality out of the admin area and put it into the regular news module.

I'm wondering if anyone has done this and could offer some advice -- is it easier to port the admin news features to the regular layout, or to go the other way around, and just port the layout to the admin area? It's a pretty general question at this point, but what aspects of the admin section need to be ported over other than the obvious?

Additionally it would be nice if there is a way to handle this in several modules!!

Is there an easy way to do this? It looks kind of involved!!

Thanks for any help


Re: Help making admin look like rest of site

I have not tried to do this...but my assumption is that it would be easier to add the admin functions to the regular layout. AFAIK the admin panel does not use smarty templates at all - so making it parse the current theme.html would be a definite stumbling block.

Re: Help making admin look like rest of site
  • 2003/5/30 22:26

  • frizzo

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I think you're right, it's coming along pretty quickly. So nice when things come together like this, it means the original product was well-designed.

Another Q:

I set up another menu item under News and called it admin, linking it to admin.php.

How do I set it up so the link does not show up unless one is logged in with permissions to access the admin page?

I think this is possible in postnuke, hoping it's possible with XOOPS!

Thanks b'zillions


Re: Help making admin look like rest of site
  • 2003/12/19 4:38

  • fatman

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Just wondering how you made out with this? I am currently thinking of ripping out some admin pages and integrating them with the rest of the module, however I'm worried about being able to provide accurate security.

When you moved your admin to the theme side of things did you have to then also integrate group security into the module?

Re: Help making admin look like rest of site

Have a look at the starting lines in an admin file like admin/index.php. There you will find the files you need to call to keep the pages secure from non-admin users.

I believe cp_functions.php and cp_header.php from the include folder (cannot check the names right now).

Perhaps a module developer can confirm but I think this is basically what you will need to do apart from updating the module with the new php file(s) and templates.



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