Re: How can i get MXDirectory

I have been away to make sure that my nickname makes some sense, I was on a vacation . Yes, I have started working on the new version of the EFQ Directory module. I am glad to see xoop.org back online, was getting a bit worried.

I expect the new release to be ready around February/March, while the coming two months will be very busy for me.

B.t.w. Congratulations Tripmon!!!!! Having a newborn is quite a responsibility and time consuming event . Best wishes to Mrs. Tripmon as well

Re: If Xoops had a administration CPanel, what you would you like.....

I have been working on a new permissions structure for another (private) project, I can easily recode it for use in XOOPS.

It involves the use of groups and sub groups and the use of permission names. Permissions are defined at module level and upon module installation added to the DB with default settings. Permissions can be linked to groups/sub groups in the administration panel.

Re: The Future of Module Development

I agree with the idea of keeping a module development area like dev.xoops.org where module developers can maintain their modules and keep track of versions, bugs, feature requests etc.

The dev.xoops.org site is down at the moment by the way, I hope this is just due to temporarily maintenance? I did not have time to keep track of all the recent debates going on about the site changes etc.

Best regards,


Re: Bye everyone


katim110 wrote:

Becaus my englisch is not good enough to replay. I will do it in dutch and hope someone can translate it.

Beste Xoopers,

Het was absoluut niet mijn bedoeling om XOOPS te vernederen. Ik heb XOOPS verlaten omdat Joomla meer mogelijkheden heeft. Ik heb XOOPS altijd een goed CMS gevonden en om eerlijk te zeggen nog steeds. Helaas heb ik moeten overschakelen naar Joomla omdat Joomla meer mogelijkheden heeft.
Mijn bedoeling was om iedereen te bedanken die mij heeft geholpen en niet om XOOPS in een laag niveau te laten zakken, wat sommige denken.



Translation of the above post:
Dear Xoopers,
It was not my intention to humiliate XOOPS. I left XOOPS because Joomla offers more options. I have always thought XOOPS is a good CMS and to be honest I still do. Unfortunately I had to decide to switch to Joomla because Joomla has more possibilities.
My intention was to thank everybody who helped me and not to let XOOPS down to a low level, inspite of what some people think.

Re: EFQDirectory 1.0 RC2 Questions/Comments

I think it would be best to combine it with a text file upload. So to make an upload form that picks up the files for all data. Then read the files and add the data to the database. I will need to work out how to make sure the parent/child structure can be maintained in the upload files. The challenge is in the fact that when inserted into the database records obtain a record ID from the database. Have to run now, will get back to you on this.

EFQDirectory 1.0.1 release available for download

A minor bug fix version has been released that should solve the problems with the coupons functionality as reported.

The upgrade is available in the downloads section of the EFQ directory module website.

An upgrade only version is available on the site as well. That pack only contains the files that have been updated after release of version 1.0.0.

Re: EFQDirectory 1.0 RC2 Questions/Comments


jfmoore wrote:
If you add a subscription type or level and want to remove it, how do you do it?


It is not possible through the admin panel yet and I plan to add this to the 1.1 release.

Re: efqDirectory

Thank you for your very useful feedback! This certainly speeds up development.


awarrior wrote:
Well the add coupon page does now show when the option is clicked on, but as soon as I create and try to add a coupon to the listing, it then tells me I still have not got the permission to to do this and takes me back to the module index.

Also are the
files missing from the module

In the patch that will be released the
submit coupon function will be fixed too. If you are in a hurry with this you can apply this fix:

In file addcoupon.php change the line with the following code:
$itemid= isset($_GET['item']) ? intval($_GET['item']) : 0;
if (isset($_POST['itemid'])) {
$itemid intval($_POST['itemid']);
} else if (isset(
$_GET['item'])) {
$itemid intval($_GET['item']);
} else {
$itemid 0;


When creating a directory, it could do with a 'Sequence' field so that directories can be set in the order you want instead of the default alphabetical order

Good idea! Will add this to the to-do-list.


More than one INDEX key was created for column `itemid`

This does not cause any trouble but the second index will be removed for new installations.


I think that maybe by enabling a couple of the fields, like county and postcode would be an asset if like me. for putting a google map link on the listing page.

I agree that this will be a very useful and end-user friendly addition. It is high on my priority list and I think I will add this to the 1.1 release.

Any images submitted will still remain in the uploads folder, so these will need manual deletion.

Any extra custom fields used in the Listing/Ad, the details entered in will remain in the database and will also need to be manually removed using phpmyadmin
I will add functionality in the admin panel to remove more data (like uploaded images) along with the deletion of categories and listings.

Re: EFQDirectory 1.0 RC2 Questions/Comments


wtravel wrote:

I think the most logical option is to define subscription types, field types ect for each directory and not mix them. That way you can keep each directory 'clean'.

Is that possible now? If so, I need to dig a little deeper.


At the moment not, but I think it would be a great idea to add this functionality .

Re: EFQDirectory 1.0 RC2 Questions/Comments


jfmoore wrote:
The extreme flexibility of this module creates issues which wouldn't exist otherwise. For example, since you can create multiple different directories, you can do things like have a business directory and a separate classifieds directory. It seems to me that, in a scenario such as this, it might be confusing to mix subscription types for different directories like these.

I would personally prefer to have separate subscription types for each directory, but I realize, also, that you can't implement everything that the flexibility of efqDir makes desirable. An acceptable, and perhaps easier, alternative would be to make efqDir clonable or to just publish cloning instructions.

I think the most logical option is to define subscription types, field types ect for each directory and not mix them. That way you can keep each directory 'clean'.

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