Death to spammers!!!

If you have a website that users can register on you have a problem with spammers.

In the User Info Settings you can block email addresses. I block the email of every spammer and it helps to lessen the flood.

So, let's all share the email addresses we've blocked

Here's mine



Re: Death to spammers!!!

There is actually a honeypot I wrote for xoops called xortify on http://sourceforge.net/p/xortify I can't afford to run web services to run at the moment so it has been down for a couple of years, but that runs the email and addresses for example by stopforumspam.com as well as projecthoneypot.org as well as maintaining bans made on one website on other websites...

When it is back up I am going to implement wammy.snails.email -- my spam API i want to set up a few of the api I worked on when I came back from sick leave after injurying myself with RSI on xoops.org like wammy.xoops.org for us all to use for spam heuristics... they are all sitting on the XOOPS SVN ready to be deployed, but if you need wammy you can get it from http://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Wammy-API-PHP or on the http://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabsapis

With wammy you base on moderation scores develop and adverage of what is allowed in your site based on spam scores, for example something that is removed for spam get passed as training to wammy, something that is in the auto delete queue get run through on training as forgot and other that pass get trained as ham!! Based on the adverage score of what is allowed in for example a forum you can set it up to autoque and park near scores lesser than 100% spam!!

There is also an option you can enable in protector, called stop forum spam, which is a basic implementation in stopping email address sign up spam, the other great thing to do is collect more information and have a 4 steps in the registration form this also stop the signup bots, they just get lost!!

Re: Death to spammers!!!

If you wrote it, it doesn't work

Re: Death to spammers!!!

No all my module work if you use them in the chronological release of the XOOPS at the time, they do all work, anyway they are frameworks, your not meant to use XOOPS just as a static plan load your meant to develop a unique site not like some wordpress with repeated module after repeated module every wordpress with the same module... You meant too modify module as you make a flavour unique site, not just load them straight on..

The only problem is I have been injured for the last couple of years and been unable to maintain my library with new platform releases but if there is a consistency issue cause there has been changes to the core it is often it is a very minor bug to fix...

Most of my module are the most advanced on the platform as frameworks for sites I have been sustaining xoops with modules since 1997 --> that is a really offensive and lucid comment to make..

Re: Death to spammers!!!
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by Zap_English on 2017/4/1 22:05:31
If you wrote it, it doesn't work

You should be polite talking to contributors of xoops. If you find a bug in a module, then please report it and I hope that the developer will try to fix it.

Re: Death to spammers!!!

None of his stuff ever works, and he doesn't support it

And none of this has anything to do with the entire point of this thread

Re: Death to spammers!!!

The whole point of this thread was for everyone to share blocked email addresses

After having it hijacked by Wishcraft that obviously isn't going to happen



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