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Posted on: 2015/11/4 9:59
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Signed 2.2RC Module - Translation Project

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Signed 2.2RC Module - Translation Project

This module is to be translated in the supporting groups for final candidate packaging for the XOOPS SVN, once you have done the translation the translated signature files as well as the language files have to be package and sent to simon@staff.labs.coop with any comments or changes that needed to happen outside any core language folded file-base.

You can connect to the Author of the module with Skype on the account: antony.cipher – this is if you have any question or comments for the module! But please read the PDF before you do contact incase it answers any questions

Please notify either by email and wait for confirmation as a translator, as you will eventually once final packaging being done noted in the code stamp as one of the authors; which you can also do in the resource files.

Module Download: ~~~::[ *.7z ! *.rar ! *.tar.gz ! *.tar.bz2 ! *.zip ! *.tar ! *.bz2 ! *.rar5 ! *.jar ]::~~~

XOOPS SVN: https://sourceforge.net/p/xoops/svn/HEAD/tree/XoopsModules/signed/

Folder's for Translation
+ modules / signed / language / english (translate folder)
+ xoops_lib / modules / signed / processes / english (translate folder)


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Posted on: 2015/11/11 18:09
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Re: Signed 2.2RC Module - Translation Project