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Posted on: 2015/7/29 16:32
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Sexting version 1.2.8 - XOOPS 2.5

--: Chronolabs Presents :--

Sexting version 1.2.8
XOOPS 2.5 Theme

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This theme covers both the HTML older and HTML5 Social meta tags as well as addresses keyword SEO Scoring with some script too prevent keyword stuffing, that is having to many repeated keyword commonalities.

It also explores embedded PHP; this is to cover the outlay and correct minimal element html tagging standard for all THEMING!! Some to generate some beautiful gradients as well as being open and ready to use download today:-

Demo:- http://2.5.xoops.themes.labs.coop (Coming Soon)

Download:- xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.7z ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.rar ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.tar.bz2 ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.tar.gz ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.zip ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.zoo