Translation Teams on Transifex

Looks like some people can't handle the leadership role, even can't translate and one word, for that reason, the following teams looking for new leaders starting from today:

1. Vietnamese - 0 Words
2. Turkish - 0 Words
3. Thai (Thailand) - 0 Words
4. Swedish (Sweden) - 1 Module only
5. Slovenian (Slovenia) - Few words
6. Serbian (Serbia) - Mamba will go
7. Romanian (Romania) - Few words
8. Polish (Poland) - Few words
9. Norwegian (Norway) - No comment
10. Malay (Malaysia)
11. Korean (Korea)
12. Hebrew (Israel) - Mamba will go
13. Greek (Greece) - 2 Team leaders and the result is nothing
14. English (United States) - Mamba loves to see XOOPS in US English, help him :)
15. Czech (Czech Republic)
16. Croatian (Croatia)
17. Chinese (China)
18. Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
19. Russian (Russia) - 2 Team leaders and same as Greeks - nothing
20. Persian (Iran)
21. Danish (Denmark)
22. Japanese (Japan) - XOOPSCube Legacy officially is dead, so at least Banned CMS or XOOPS should be in Japanese....., but nothing
23. Chinese (Taiwan)
24. German (Germany) - Most translations are done up to 80-90%, someone should finish them
25. Dutch (Netherlands) - same as Germans

Big thanks for the activity to the following teams:
1. French (in particular Cesag)
2. Spanish
3. Italian
4. Slovak
5. Portuguese (BR)

The Following core translations need completion:
Dutch (Netherlands) - 99%
Italian (Italy) - 99%
Polish (Poland) - 98%
Turkish (Turkey) - 98%
Chinese (Taiwan) - 97%
Japanese (Japan) - 97%
Russian (Russia) - 96%
Greek (Greece) - 60%
German (Germany) - 50%
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) - 46%
Chinese (China) - 43%
Malay (Malaysia) - 40%
Wont mention rest bellow 40%

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex
  • 2012/8/7 19:29

  • Mamba

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There are some translations in XOOPS SVN, which need to be uploaded to Transifex.

The current status as a visual chart is here:

Resized Image

Please check if you country is doing OK, and if not, please help us!

Feel free to check on Transifex progress here:

XOOPS Modules
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Hmmm anarchy continues on XOOPS ? 2 or 3 sources for better use ?

TX should be original source, SVN - storage, not going to compare every single module. Specially if they're like this http://xoops.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/xoops/XoopsLanguages/dutch/modules/xlanguage/xlanguage%203.03/
after uploading on TX shows 90% completed.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex
  • 2012/8/7 19:55

  • Mamba

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Hmmm anarchy continues on XOOPS ? 2 or 3 sources for better use ?

No, it was our original repository of translations, which is still being used by some.

We just need to transition to Transifex, and make sure that people are trained and comfortable with translating there.

It's just a transition....
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Well, I'll not compare SVN bcz contains too much outdated crap along with some "newly" added translations. Which are incomplete in most cases, wondering why ppl still think that Winmerge + Notepad is the same as TX, it's not.

Most of the files released on this sub-forum still contains language-name_iso - there is no multi-lingual function and ISO in one place. How should I (or the new team leaders) know what's translated and what's coming from XOOPS 2.0.18 ? SF.NET dates/time are not measure. PD Downloads are dead from 2-3 years, but on SF.NET they're added on 2011.

So far as I said, the only teams which are hard working on translations are:
Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brasil), Italian, Slovaks and my team of one man :)

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex
  • 2012/8/8 3:01

  • irmtfan

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core 2.5.5 is done 100% 2months ago but still is not added to sf.net
as for modules we had some activities regarding the available translators.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Am I sidekick ? No
How should I know what's done and what's not, same as for the core and modules. When something is completed, there should be a Ping - "Hellooo, I've just finished translation of this or that".

Persian will be added today.


To be completed (optional):
1. You should translate and add manually all mail_template/ content within /language and every module/.
2. formdhtmleditor.php from /language which is already removed from the other 3 Xoops forks, have to be edited manually, the file is outdated and should be removed with XOOPS 2.3, but heck - it's still there.
3. In install/finish.php - have to be edited with notepad, welcome.php too.
4. Ignore/remove help/ folders within any directory, contains non-sense information and is pointless to be translated...
5. Noticed, that some of your files contains invalid spaces, can u remove them and re-upload the files. With the release of 2.5.6 or 2.6.0 - all such translations containing invalid intervals anywhere in definitions will got wipe (automatically).

define"SERVER_API""API کارگزار" );

should look like this:
define("SERVER_API","API کارگزار");

Bcz of this formatting gijoe's modules will be dropped and translations too (damn how much time I lost with myalbum), which reminds me on point 6.
6. Protector files must be translated manually, bcz they're not with PHP defines.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex
  • 2012/8/16 7:58

  • Mazarin

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Do we now have some kind of working "process" to get the translations from Transifex packaged and available for download, or is it still done ad-hoc by DCrussader?

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Ping me or as team leader (if u are) you can try to use Madfish (from banned cms) script for downloading translations for modules. Both modules for ICMS and X are setup with same structure on transifex and in they're distributions.

in distribution

in tx
[modulename]main.php [en-GB]

script does and language change, but no time atm to play with Xoops and scripts.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex
  • 2012/8/16 8:50

  • Shine

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No offence, but I don't understand a &^%^$# of how transifex works. And really I don't feel like reading lots of readme's in trying to understand how and what I should do to work in it.

Dutch translation sais 99% ready. How can I see what the 1% is which hasn't been translated yet?

@DCrussader: don't forget you know exactly how transifex works. Don't get angry if others don't. And do not have the time to first read a complete bookwork before using this appliction.
I am sure more ppl are willing to help with translation, but are affraid of transifix because of unknown and not familiar with it.
For myself: no idea how it works, don't understand it at all and for trying: affraid of &^% it all up.
Last but no least: and where can ppl download translated packages?

Therefore I still keep translating (as many others) within notepad++ or editplus.


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