Re: Contact module version 1.8
  • 2012/5/15 7:29

  • Mazarin

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TBH I never used the 1.71 version (just noticed the differences in the documentation), but it seemed like a good idea that you could at least specify the "thank you message" after sending the message.

Other than that, I really think you should work on a notification because then it would be really good. Ideally, it should be preferences for notification on or off, and for including the actual contact in the notification or not.

Re: Contact module version 1.8
  • 2012/8/29 6:25

  • voltan

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I add ajax method for send content. Please check. I think it's ready for publish

Re: Contact module version 1.8
  • 2012/8/29 14:28

  • Mamba

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Good job, Voltan!

I've fixed some English translations in SVN, and I have sent you an email with some suggestions.

I agree with you that it is very close to be published....
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Contact module version 1.8
  • 2013/1/11 0:34

  • franck0768

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Hi Voltan,

With my xoops 2.5.5, emails are not sent and there are no records in the database. I tried login mode and anonymous mode.

An idea?

Re: Contact module version 1.8

Transifex : Contact 1.80 Final (language files for translators)

Sourceforge : Contact 1.80 Final

franck0768 it works for me. Maybe you didn't put the recent "french" file. It is very different from contact 1.72

Re: Contact module version 1.8
  • 2013/2/13 18:49

  • Dante7237

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I just upgraded from 1.7 and it produced a whitepage when trying to update the module. Re-loading the page gave me the Update confirmation prompt again, and attempting the second try It "seemed" to update, but produced a single error at the end of an apparently successful update:

Failed to execute xoops_module_update_contact

XOOPS Version XOOPS 2.5.5
PHP Version 5.3.15
mySQL Version 5.5.23-55
Server API cgi-fcgi
OS Linux
safe_mode Off
register_globals Off
magic_quotes_gpc Off
allow_url_fopen Off
fsockopen On
post_max_size 64M
max_input_time 60
max_execution_time 30
memory_limit 64M
file_uploads On
upload_max_filesize 64M

It seems to work fine even with that error.
Thanks for the work.

Re: Contact module version 1.8
  • 2013/2/16 2:19

  • Cifug

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Just installed Contact 1.8

Apache version - 2.2.23
PHP version - 5.3.17
MySQL version - 5.0.96-community
Xoops version - 2.5.5

No errors

All components of the module work well and without issue

Only 1 thing I think that would make this excellent module even better. The database records all form entries but "only the comments" are sent to the email address. It would be great if all form entries are also sent to the email address.

Apart from that, all aspects of this module work flawlessly with Xoops 2.5.5



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