Torrent module
  • 2010/7/20 7:34

  • recupsoft

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I found xbtit, a free php torrent tracker:


As I read X-Torrent is hard to configure and hack the core, maybe a coder can adapt xbtit to Xoops to get a good/proper Torrent module

Re: Torrent module
  • 2011/3/31 6:30

  • terrion

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Does X-Torrent module include a torrent tracker? Or is that what xbtit is for?
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Re: Torrent module

Yes it does have a tracker, it announces silently all the peers but does no seed and peer number counts.. It has htaccess for redirecting the announce.php file as the /announce and /scrape

like so

RewriteEngine On

^announce/$ modules/xtorrent/announce.php$1
^scrape/$ modules/xtorrent/announce.php$1

In your XOOPS_ROOT_PATH as the .htaccess file

I have been meaning to get back to X-Torrent 4.0 I have learned to use a new class structure since I was programming that but there is a source forge area for people to look at it..

I have been thinking about adapting :: http://www.tbdev.net/index.php to XTorrent a bit you know study the code an make adaptions to the classes with X-Torrent 4.0

It has a source forge project that people are welcome to join and adapt code to:

You can always get the source from SVN http://x-torrent.svn.sourceforge.net/ ... /x-torrent/releases/3.40/
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Re: Torrent module

I orginally wrote a version of torrent client for XOOPS called X-Torrent. However I never really completed it and it sat on SVN for sometime, I have decided to make a version of TBDev for XOOPS CMS - this means you can have all the features of TBDev that are torrent based not things like private messages and so on as I am cutting duplicated features out that is features that already exist for XOOPS.

I would like to when I have finished it to add it to the TBDev Sourceforge project, but for the moment you will find it on the XOOPS SVN on sourceforge.

Pre-Alpha: http://xoops.svn.sourceforge.net/view ... psModules/tbdev/releases/

I am one of the Module Developers from XOOPS.ORG and have actively participated in the community of open source for many years, if you would like to get involved in this product please contact me, my handle/alias is the same on the XOOPS Foundation or email me at simon@shower.geek.nz

The Prealpha as per this post is not functional, but is close, this means in the next few hours i should have a new version on the SVN, but I am having a break for a little while. This module is to replace X-Torrent which is an older version of torrents for XOOPS that was never finished, but I decided as I was saying to use this mature product to produce a torrent client for XOOPS.

Most of the templates are done, I still have to convert the admin php files for the admin part of XOOPS, I also have to do the preloaders for signing in and using the user table in sync with the existing xoops user table.

Once i have gotten it up and running, i will start to convert the code so it uses the class modeler that comes with XOOPS which is extremely powerful, this is so the module is inline with XOOPS Code standard however for the moment it will be implemented using the existing TBDev.net 2009 code base.
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