Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/6/1 17:30

  • fdeconiac

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Why would it break existing theme?

Existing theme are calling a logo in theme/mytheme/ and do not use this potential logo option... This logo manager could be used with all new theme taking it into account, and older theme will still use a logo in the theme file. Am i wrong?

Like some themes call the site title in the header and other not. I think people will be free to use a logo manager to create header logo, rss logo... (defining sizes for each use)

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/6/1 18:15

  • kris_fr

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three minutes to change a logo and background - that he needs a function that then arise problems with css and layout of the header?

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/6/3 7:23

  • noo-b

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three minutes to change a logo and background - that he needs a function that then arise problems with css and layout of the header?

the problem right now...many user don't aware this..


Try check

Image manager in editor
any modules like news/publisher etc converted to pdf articles

you will see the XOOPS lOGO and not YOUR site Logo

you can check any xoops site in internet..and this is true..may have the xoops logo and not their own logo in the above url

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Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/6/8 1:58

  • madDan

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As an alternate method how easy would it be able to adapt the debugging tools to give a label tool, to hover over a part of your site and the pointer give you the address of the file within your html side of things, mainly for graphics say? that way if something was amiss on your site you'd easily be able to track it down, especially in add on modules.

Just a thought.

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/6/13 17:44

  • allendick

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I must say that lack of this simple and necessary function is a most disappointing aspect of XOOPS. I am trying XOOPS out as an alternative to creating a site from scratch, which is my usual approach. I did not expect to spend an hour or so looking for a function that apparently does not exist.

Having to alter files and substitute images using anything but the administrative interface seems to me to be entirely counter to the idea of a CMS. To me a CMS should never require programming skills and a reasonably intelligent person should accomplish all tasks from a dashboard.

Changing the header is the most basic and one of the first things anyone would want to do. Meeting with frustration at this point is enough to make many throw up their hands. I personally am shocked and wonder if XOOPs is worth the trouble.

I am quite experienced, yet find this CMS a huge hassle, especially after finding that a recent upgrade destroyed my previous work. (I had installed XOOPs using Fantastico as a trial some time back and found it needed updating when I got around to it again, so went ahead and ran the upgrade).

So far, I have spent many hours on this thing and am not finding it very intuitive. The new admin skin is better, but the admin interface needs more features and better understandability. Basic functions like site logos, etc. need to be common to all themes and available from the admin so that this, one of the first things anyone wants to do -- put one's own name and logo on the site -- is simple and obvious.

Otherwise, this is CMS just a toy for geeks.

Re: Site Logo Management

This would be a good upgrade.

The logo is the most customized piece of the CMS.

Yet every update sets it back to the original XOOPS logo.

Granted it is simple enough to fix, but it would be nice to have a easy CMS way to do it.
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Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2010/9/10 14:29

  • belia

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Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2012/12/11 2:39

  • belia

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Hi XOOPS Core developers

can this be add to XOOPS 2.6 ?

Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2012/12/11 3:17

  • Mamba

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You could please add it to Feature Requests on SourceForge, so we can keep track of all the requests?

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Re: Site Logo Management
  • 2012/12/11 9:01

  • belia

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can someone help to add this in feature request ..i can't access sourceforge


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