Where's Statistics?
  • 2003/4/17 14:06

  • isengard

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Where's Statistics module for XOOPS 2?

Re: Where's Statistics?
  • 2003/4/17 15:41

  • regen_r8

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There was a visitor2 statistics module, that was available for 1.3.x but it was eliminated due to some security issues.

There are several news articles and forum threads regarding visitor2 that should answer all of these questions.

Thread here!

Re: Where's Statistics?
  • 2003/4/17 16:12

  • tom

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True Les Visitoures (Or how ever you spell it) was taken off due to security risks.

The only other stats program I know of is XPHHL originaly called PPHLogger before it was modulised the original can be found on the following link.


The modulised version can be found on the following link:


I know this was developed for XOOPS 1.3.* and is still in beta, it should work on X2 RC3 but I haven't tested it yet, though I have tested the original and that was pretty smart.

Well worth a try.

I hope this helps.

Re: Where's Statistics?
  • 2003/4/17 16:14

  • tom

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Sorry forgot to add the following:

XPPHL (XoopsPPHLogger) (BETA 1.05) Version: 1.05 Submitted Date: 2003/1/28
: This is pphlogger modulized for xoops. Please read the installation notes below before installing this module. Also note that this module is in beta form so any bugs that are found need to be reported to our bugs reporting system here on the site. You can find it by going here.

Please read this first....

Install this module as you would any module made for xoops. Once installed into the system,

Go to the XOOPS PPHLogger Suite and click on the mySQL/Blocks Configuration Link from the admin menu in Xoops.

Fill in the Required information and save. You can then continue setting the system up by clicking on the

"Setup System" link from the same menu. Follow the instructions as noted by the system. Once you have completed

the setup portion of the system, you must then setup a user account for pphlogger. Make sure that the user name

is the same as the one that you filled in on the mySQL/Blocks Configuration portion of the setup. They have to

match in order for the block to work properly. Once you have the user setup, activate the Visitors Since block

from your blocks administration menu. Make sure that you make this block visible to all visitors that come to

your site. Once you have that done, you can then login to the XOOPS PPHlogger system. Once you have logged in

you must click on the user profile link. You need to create a new pphlogger.js file and save that file to your

http://www.yoursitename.com/modules/pphlogger/ directory. Once you have these steps completed your site should

start gathering stats immediately. You will have to play with the fonts and such for the hits display in order

for them to display correctly. This is a bug that I am trying to figure out. If you have any questions, please

post them on the forums. If you find a bug post it to our bug reporting system on the site. We will do our best

to track it down and fix it.

Numerous updates to this software have been made this past few days. If you have downloaded it, please re-download the latest version.

Re: Where's Statistics?

Hola Peeps!

Just thought I would let you know what is up with the module. Now that V2 is out, and is in full production, I think I will proceede with the versions of the XPPHL. I didn't want to try and migrate the module over until I knew that XOOPS was released. There is one problem that the module has with X2, that I have yet to figure out. It seems to kill the session when you try and log in, which if I remember right, that is easily fixed, but the other problem is how it access' the database to allow you to login to your stats. Anyway, this module works great with 1.3.x but not so great with X2. If anyone would like to help with getting this module up to par with the X2 coding, please feel free to jump aboard. Any help with it would be very much appreciated.

Re: Where's Statistics? - XoopsPPHLogger X2 comp. 2.0.7 and
  • 2004/7/27 12:14

  • asche

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I just had a look at
http://www.tswn.com/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=3&lid=29 and found the info, that XoopsPPHLogger X2 "is compatable with XOOPS Version 2.0.3".

Does anybody know if XoopsPPHLogger is compatible with 2.0.7 as well?

What are the advantages of installing XoopsPPHLogger as a XOOPS-Modul compared to installing original PPHLogger (I just tried to install POWER PHLOGGER 2.2.5 - phpee.com)?

Is this info for installation sufficient?

What is the best way to integrate the code?

PHP only implementation?
Use this implementation if you would like to completely hide your counter. No code at all will be visible on your site and you will be able to track anyone entering your site.
Place the following code at the top of your page:

Can somebody share some best practices ... )) Thanks asche


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