Contact form - store data in database
  • 2010/2/17 2:09

  • dodu99

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Hi I need at contact-form, or any other form than I can change to fit my needs that saves the data in a searchable database (mysql).

When somenone post something in the form, other registered users on the page should be able to search in the sent in forms (in the database).

Ive tried several but the most of them just send the data per personal message or as attachment to email. Do anyone know a module that can solve my problem?

Of course I need to have the option ┬Ęto customize my forms so that they fit to my purpose.



Re: Contact form - store data in database
  • 2010/2/17 3:39

  • Burning

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Try Formulize developed by www.freeformsolutions.ca

Re: Contact form - store data in database
  • 2010/2/17 7:50

  • onasre

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I have Made A Module like that i'm still working On it , Almost Done , I call it Sendme ..

its for the Visitors to contact you and the email saves in to MySQL , guest Can follow his Message , the admin can reply to the message and the reply also saves a copy to the MySQL , captach , auto respond .. So many Cool Stuff .. Just Trying to have time to make Final Clean Up and Release it .

Re: Contact form - store data in database
  • 2010/2/17 7:51

  • mariane

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hello, onasre, one of the moderators in arabxoops community,craeated a module called :" send me", in it messages are stored in database, within few day it will be officialy launched

Re: Contact form - store data in database
  • 2010/2/17 11:03

  • Dylian

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You could try the rewritten version of xForms.

The module itself doesn't provide an option to search trough the submitted data,, but it wouldn't be hard to make a search page. (I think,, never tried so can't be sure).

You can find more information [HERE].

But if you need a module right now, then i think formulize would be an option. (I personally can't work with it , but maybe you can figure it out )

Greets Dylian.


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