Last work

Hey and hello
There is my last work for polish socciety - smart car fanclub.

Link: http://smartklub.pl

Theme based on wox theme (I like it's architecture ... some more I hope at today evening)
Module used:
Smartsections with extended blocks on main page: horizontal slider, news slider, and on other pages - last item slider.
For profiles - Alfreds profile module 1.65 from myxoops.org site. Caution - it's still alpha! And I take some changes on it. (waiting for stable realise).
For images - myAlbymP (by GJ xoops.peak.ne.jp) with top table view hack (you can take it here) and thumbnails navigation hack (see it here)
On right column - wblock module (you can take it from here - esxoops.com

Special blocks - last registered user (mainpage) with extended template, and on forums sites - most active users - with extended template that use smarty plugin block.table_foreach.php. More about that on babylonbyxoops.net site.
As a header I used cu3er image slider - find more on CU3ER site (mentioned somwhere on xoops.org forums)

System XOOPS 2.3.3b updated form 2.0.18.

Hope U will like it as we do!

1. Switch smartsection to publisher module
2. Enhace templates for smartsection (publisher) - to display single article page and category page (article list), myalbum (block) - last pictures with thumbnails, and templates (all) for profiles module - I need much more professional look.

Re: Last work
  • 2009/12/12 13:33

  • Burning

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Very impressive!

Re: Last work
  • 2009/12/12 14:15

  • deka87

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very awesome, red_Slider! i've got a question for ya, how did you manage to implement the forum css from the wox theme? does it need editing forum templates?

Re: Last work

Forum (newbb) templates you got in the theme folder (under modules/newbb/...) and they run as they are. I decided to delete $xThemes variable - I don't need them in this case. As for css file I call directly css file in head section.

Wox and BitC3R0 gave us a nice lesson at theme structure. It is an idea to call different template for part of system (portal, site) just in the theme.
I'm siting now with one theme for magazine (extended blog etc) that uses this functionality... but it's another story.

PS I didn't have any problems with wox, and in my opinion theme, that you see on smartklub is simplified wox - that's why BitC3R0 and Red México http://www.redmexico.com.mx are in meta as autor. After cleaning mess with css adn files it well be visible in footer too. As you see there is no footer now.

and PS PS ??? ???????? ??? ????! (does XOOPS org correctly display language characters? hmmm)
Have to write it in latin: mienia nrawitsca wasz sajt!

Re: Last work
  • 2009/12/13 8:45

  • Mamba

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Fantastic work!!! Very refreshing!

And I love the Smart car!!!

So I am happy that the Smart Club is running on XOOPS!

Re: Last work
  • 2009/12/13 13:23

  • unspoken

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very nice themes ;)

Re: Last work

I enjoy that you like it!
After altt - when it will be done I'll write more on hacks and templates used in that project. Now I've to focus on polish local support site (with others ).
One more time - thanks!

Re: Last work
  • 2009/12/18 14:23

  • dadoprom

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very nice site

Re: Last work

Very nice indeed!


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