Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/2/27 20:11

  • AndyB

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Is any of Xoops2 developers reading this discussion? What are the chances of permanent loging being implemented in the final Xoops2? I would like to know that before I'll start customizing XOOPS for my own site because if permanent login is not possible with XOOPS I would have to look for an alternative.


Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/3/3 11:34

  • jackt

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I'd like to know as well.

Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/3/4 14:45

  • Koreus

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Me too
We should have the choice in the admin or user section
to let store password or not in cookies.

Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/4/8 5:29

  • Hapko3

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I just want to brng this topic back up.

I think that persistant logins are a crucial feature, and I very much hope that it will be introduced in the near future....

Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/4/9 21:54

  • AndyB

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I agree, but no definite answer from important XOOPS figures appeared on this forum. Let's hope they at least know what the popular demand is.

Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/4/9 22:44

  • mike-h

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up at

there a hack that seems to do this
however not sure if it works on a normal XOOPS or just when ipb module is installed

may be of use?

Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/4/10 19:06

  • snojrnl

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I don't think there is any problem with setting a long timeout ... no problem with that at all. Hack not needed. PHP can handle thousands of concurrent sessions. I'd say, just set the session expiration up to a week or so and problem is solved without a hack.

Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/4/10 19:30

  • ndial

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That might work (making session expiration longer) but it wouldn't be the same as letting users decide to save their login information.

Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/4/10 19:57

  • cwsaylor

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Here's how I handle user authentication on my non XOOPS sites. When a user logs in, I write an md5 sum of microtime concatenated with a site specific secret string to the database entry for the user and to a cookie. This is guaranteed to be a unique key. When the user comes back, I use that key to look them up. No encrypting of any user info needs to be done so nothing to crack on the workstation. However, like any other cookie, they can be stolen if someone has access to their local machine.

I will be hacking this into XOOPS when version 1 comes out if they haven't already fixed it. All this talk about cookies being a lack of security is over rated. Almost every major site on the internet has an option to auto login users. With all of the other security holes in operating systems, cookies are the least of our problems.


Re: remembering logins?
  • 2003/4/10 21:05

  • gniknalu

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As someone already mentioned there is a VERY SIMPLE hack that can be found on Koundanshi's Board. I installed it on many different XOOPS sites - it seems to work well. The password is encrypted in a cookie so obviously the user would need to have the ability to rec cookies for it to work.

Just my couple-a-cents



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