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Posted on: 2009/10/15 9:36
explorer1979 (Show more)
Just popping in
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How to add CSS coding on "News" 1.63 Module?

Hi all,

I am install XOOPS 2.3.3b and News 1.63

Now using the "Compact" Mode to force it can let me input HTML coding..

For simple coding... it look like working...

But then I try this CSS...

<style type="text/css">
style1 {

p>This is CSS Testing!!!!</p>
p>WoW <span class="style1">WoW </span></p>

It just display nothing, just the text, mean that the CSS is not working... and the text color is black not is the color that setting in CSS...

How to add FCKEditor or something like that and plus let it support CSS, php, Javascript etc coding as content?

Thank you.


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Posted on: 2009/10/15 10:20
ghia (Show more)
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Re: How to add CSS coding on "News" 1.63 Module?

See this to activate WYSIWYG editors. They all have functions to add classes to HTML objects and a raw HTML mode where tags and attributes can be added or modified.

You may have all your CSS instructions in the theme CSS file and not in a specific News article. This will benefit reuse and a consistent look in the site.


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Posted on: 2009/10/15 10:26
Quest (Show more)
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Re: How to add CSS coding on "News" 1.63 Module?

I may be wrong but it looks like you have your style commented out with the <!-- and -->

Edited: Nope that didn't work.