• 2009/8/7 22:40

  • badb0iie

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i installed the metall k theme from
i would like to change the fonts and sizes on the header
and maybe the blocks..

using bleeding-cowboys font and maybe a few others

how would i go about this?
please help
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Re: Font
  • 2009/8/7 23:58

  • showcase17

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Go to your Metall_k theme folder and open up the style.css file, overthere you can adjust anything like font, fontsize, color and so on...

Good luck :)
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Re: Font
  • 2009/8/8 0:35

  • badb0iie

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i was in there ...
what line is it i have to change to get to the header font?
it shows 3 diff fonts in the style file....
i cant seem to find the one that works...

and does the website understand what font " bleeding Coyboys " is?
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Re: Font
  • 2009/8/8 8:06

  • ghia

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If the font is not available on a visitors PC (and 'bleeding Coyboys' will be certainly one of them), a replacement font is used by the browser. This can ruin your layout. Mosttimes a font-family list is provided, so the browser can do a predicted fallback to some known fonts as eg Arial. Of course you need to test your site with all these fonts, to see if the layout still fits with it.

Alternative is that you make a graphic with the text in the desired font and put that as eg a jpg file in your header etc.

For metall_k the fonts in the header are in .styleSite and .styleTitle

Re: Font
  • 2009/8/11 0:35

  • badb0iie

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Thanks for your help =)


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