New approach to news: News blog to wiki
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[size=x-large]New approach to news[/size]
News blog to wiki reference

This is most likely NOT what developers dream of. This is more likely what users would LOVE when they get into it. This idea is about a new (?) approach to News-blog-Wiki.

The module page looks like an ordinary news-content page. You publish an article and let people comment on it. In ~9 of 10 cases the article goes to a trad. topics archive. But ~1 out of the 10 articles is let loose (moderator) and becomes open to all like Wiki (or permitted). Preferrably there would be a 3 factor ranking (w. weights) system. The article stays in the subjects index but gets highlighted AND also listed as "featured or reference" in Wiki style.

The idea is similar to Wikipedia. But, the important difference is that all articles is posted as news first and the author does NOT know which status the article will get, or develop into in the community. This would probably be VERY INTERESTING FOR ALL ASSOCIATIONS (groups with a common interest) and their news site improves with a reference guide section with a community proven Wiki-content.

Can an additional module bring this features to "old" news /content modules?

I guess this kind of module in some communities would make forums or BB's less necessary. Please tell if this idea is old, good, bad etc.

Re: New approach to news: News blog to wiki

Nearly all of PHPPP's modules had the ability to transfer between them, article, CBB, Dokuwiki and wordpress, from looking at the admin areas of these modules, it looked like there was still many more features that weren't finished yet as well.

No other set of modules integrates as well as the modules I mentioned, all worked on by DJ, Frameworks seemed to be the key to this integration. I admit though I rarely transferred content between them, only occasionally.

Anyway, I rarely understand your posts MrGrey, so I am probably way off the mark lol ;o)


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