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Posted on: 2009/3/24 5:48
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Re: Xoops site is down please help!!!


Nick_James wrote:

Mamba wrote:
Hmm, I am curious how did it happen...

Ah, well look at the location of the 'B'.

I would be willing to bet that it was done by his hosting company!

The location of the changed directory is very high up.

He appears to be an ordinary XOOPS user.

So all of the folder above his site root would be coming from the hosting company.

The change is in the middle of this cluster or folders.

Hi Guys!

Nick_James is correct the cause of the failure is my hosting company, they changed something and all my 3 XOOPS sites have the same error messages. They were able to finally see their fault and told me to change the path on my mainfile.php.

Thank you guys for taking time to help me.

More Power to Xoops!!!


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Posted on: 2009/3/25 1:05
Nick_James (Show more)
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Re: Xoops site is down please help!!!

He shoots... He scores... SWWWWWOOOOSH...

That was a 'killerB'... :) {GROAN}
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