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  • 2008/12/29 6:31

  • JDLamb

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Whilst there may be many other things that WP does and news doesn't for me, there are two essential functions that a blog must have that News doesn't. Auto Pinging and trackbacks. If they were added, then News would be a blogging module.
Additionally a blogroll block would also be helpful.

Re: Xpress
  • 2008/12/29 7:21

  • Rickb

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Hi JDLamb,

I think that a blog script could double as a news mod if you could remove the other functions, however, a news/article mod could not suffice as a blog. Do you agree with this statement?

This is why I think that WP can be used for both, as blog and for news.

Where did you get the latest xPress from? I have xPress v 2.0.11. The WP admin is so well done this is why I am insisting on using WP or xPress for websites. Unlike Xoops, WordPress site is extremely organized, everything just fits together and makes. I find this very unusual for an open source project.

If I can just get the side panel hidden and get the template tweaked a bit, I will be happy to have both XOOPS and WP co-exist.

Wish list:

Be able to utilize WP templates for xPress

I will be searching for someone who can possibly do this.


Re: Xpress
  • 2008/12/29 11:54

  • JDLamb

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Sorry my mistake, it is 2.011 not 2.11.

Re: Xpress
  • 2008/12/29 12:03

  • ghia

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You mean 2.0.11?


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