Re: Starting a new Xoops site

Total Noob to Xoops... this should help. Thanks!

Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/8/28 5:09

  • Cptrmaker

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Mamba wrote:
You can get both of them here:


The Xoopseditors link is the second link (the one in the middle):


How do you get the xoppseditor-121.zip file when the web site listed for it keeps saying bandwidth exceeded? Is there somewhere else to get it from?

Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/8/28 9:26

  • ghia

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Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/9/19 16:50

  • pandreson

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If you are starting out a new XOOPS web site or if the time has come to restructure and reorganize your actual content, these are some modules than can help you out create a web site as large or small as you want, keeping the content management as simple and practical as possible.

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Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/10/28 10:44

  • basari

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thanks nice article

Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/10/30 13:14

  • sco1984

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So, on with it! Open the folder you extracted XoopsInfo into and find the /phpsysinfo folder. You will also see /class, /kernel, /language and /modules. /class, /kernel, and /language make changes to some of the core XOOPS files, so I recommend leaving those alone and not adding them to your site just yet. Copy the /phpsysinfo and /modules folders to your root. You will get a warning about the /modules folder already existing, but you can safely copy this folder over your existing /modules folder. It will only add the /xoopsinfo folder inside the /modules folder, adding it as a module, just like you did with XOOPS DB backup and restore.

I have installed XOOPS on my Linux based hosting space.

I can see XOOPS folder in my root dir.
But I cant find phpsysinfo folder in root folder or inside /xoops folder.
Any hints? I am a newbie and going through yourtutorials to build a new web site. I also can not understand how to import module.
I downloaded 1 module fromhttps://xoops.org/modules/repository/viewcat.php?cid=94 , unzipped it on my Windows machines and uploaded under "Modules" dir.


Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/11/7 16:54

  • alphamonk

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Do most users of XOOPS install XOOPS in the root web directory? My hosting site installed XOOPS for me. They installed the unzipped XOOPS in the root directory. On my Linux computer, that I am using for testing I installed all the files and folders under the XOOPS directory in the root directory.

The difference is on my test computer I can go to mysite.com and see my XOOPS index, on my host I go to mysite.com/xoops to get to my XOOPS index.

My next question is about directory structure naming conventions. Does it hurt anything to rename my modules directory to m and rename my actual modules in the modules directory to m0, m1 m2 as long as I change the paths in the config files?

I have certainly caught the XOOPS bug. I can hardly keep from logging into my site and this site to find out more about this great piece of software.

Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/11/7 17:44

  • ghia

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If you have only XOOPS, than it is best placed in the root. If you have other software too, then a directory may proof handy to separate things and avoid possible name conflicts.

Many modules have in their program hardcoded references to the module directory and to their own name. So changing this will not be easy. You may consider URL rewriting if you have an Apache server, which can present your url more the way you like.

Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/11/18 9:18

  • marryJohn

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It's really great Idea.

Re: Starting a new Xoops site
  • 2008/12/17 20:23

  • Cleaveland

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"Once you have downloaded the latest version, unzip it to a folder on your computer. You will see 4 folders and 3 files - take some time to read the release_notes.txt."

I downloaded xoops-2.3.2b.zip, only see three folders (docs, extras and htdocs), 2 checksum files.


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