Kerridge and Xoops
  • 2008/4/25 12:16

  • mekano

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How can I get a table inserted in a wf-channel module page to draw its data from Kerridge?

I am setting up a XOOPS site for a company in the automotive industry which uses Kerridge to input and store its data and so my XOOPS site would have to be able connect with it. How do I do this?

Would appreciate any advice or leads on this.


Re: Kerridge and Xoops
  • 2008/4/25 14:18

  • Anonymous

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How does Kerridge store its data?

Re: Kerridge and Xoops
  • 2008/4/25 15:24

  • jeffgr

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I think you are talking about inserting an html table here, am I correct? (as opposed to adding a new table in the database).

I think the easiest way to add in this table would either be by using the blank page module, and then inserting an iframe in this module index page, which shows your application table (on whatever page that is displayed).

You can download this simple mod here:


(actually, you can just use the XOOPS Facebook module, but replace the url presently called in the iframe. You can easily rename the module as well, by simply renaming the module folder, and then renaming the module name in the xoops_version file in that folder)

Hope that works for you.


Re: Kerridge and Xoops
  • 2008/4/25 16:32

  • mekano

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Thank you both for replying so quickly. I havent yet been able to find out how Kerridge stores its data, JAVesey.

Jeffgr I dont quite understand. Yes Im talking about using an html table. Ive done this several times using blank pages of the wf-channel modules (and remaming them). I dont understand how using an iframe will help me import data from an external database. Sorry am not a real techy, know more about contect and just modify XOOPS modules.

The tables I make just contain text or pictures. I don't know what an application table is (have just Googled to try and find out but no luck!). I have never drawn from a database before so please bear with me.

Appreciate your help.


Re: Kerridge and Xoops
  • 2008/4/25 17:06

  • Catzwolf

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From what I can see, Kerridge is a motor company and they also use their own database (which is read only) that can only be accessed by Win32 ODBC drivers (Maybe this will help a little).

There is currently no way that I can see for XOOPS to connect to this database in its current form, and extract the information you want. You will have to do all of this via either a perl script or via windows program.

Sorry, I wish I could help you further, but I can't :(


Re: Kerridge and Xoops
  • 2008/4/25 17:28

  • mekano

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Thank you, Catzwolf




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