Is Open Source Dying?

Is Open Source Dying?

Linux Losing Market Share to Windows Server.

Re: Is Open Source Dying?
  • 2007/11/2 11:19

  • wizanda

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Think it is the lack of people checking and fixing what others have done a long time ago and expecting it all too be correct, without testing it.

Re: Is Open Source Dying?
  • 2007/11/2 11:36

  • Will_H

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Linux Losing Market Share to Windows Server.

Even if it were true. It is to be expected, considering that MS has a lot more revenue to buy people's opinions.

Of course nix is going down, considering that everyone has used nix since the beginning of time.

I am not speaking for the quality of their product, just do not respect so many good reviews in exchange for advertising revenue.

There isn't all that many straight forward comparisons out there. Not one that I believe was written without the intent of financial gain.

Apache > IIS
IIS !> Apache

Re: Is Open Source Dying?
  • 2007/11/2 11:58

  • siweb

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Look here, how is MS doing business.

Maybe there is brighter future for Open Source in Russia, as their schools are going to use Linux OS. More here.

Re: Is Open Source Dying?
  • 2007/11/2 12:34

  • MadFish

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If you have a look at the Netcraft webserver survey it is very clear that IIS is eating Apache's market share at a very scary rate.

Apache is only 10% ahead now, it won't be the dominant webserver much longer. IIS will probably be ahead within 3-4 months (check out the second graph on the link above).

I hope IIS is a bit more secure and reliable than it used to be.

Re: Is Open Source Dying?
  • 2007/11/2 12:56

  • seth_sd

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That is a somewhat misleading trend. This deals with shipments of Linux and often times servers are shipped with no OS because the end-user will install Linux themselves. How would anyone accurately track that? This was pointed out in the article.

We use Linux extensively in our IT infrastructure, including our critical business systems, and we install Linux ourselves on HP servers that are delivered without an OS.

In addition, I feel the real threat to Microsoft is not in the free webserver market but the office suite. If Openoffice can gain some traction I think you'll see momentum in many other areas that may really allow open source to take hold in the classroom and enterprise.

In the article that was linked in this one titled "Is Open Source Dying" there was this comment - "And most people now expect Microsoft to get its stamp of approval for OOXML, opening its doors to even the most open-source-friendly states." This did not happen and has potentially left the door open for Open Office!

"Why can't we have a car powered on a mixture of patchouli oil, ignorance, and double standards? There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of that sh1t." - LR

Re: Is Open Source Dying?
  • 2007/11/2 16:53

  • Xman04

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I think there is a fear factor when it comes to organizations and companies adopting open source solutions. Microsoft products have been such a staple of technology for so long, that companies are afraid to venture outside of the Microsoft box. This perpetuates itself when it is time to buy upgrades or new products, especially since Microsoft and other commercial companies are trying to compete with everything open source that comes to the market.

I don't think that open source is dying. However, it is only being used by the organizations that clearly understand the benefits of open source. I know several people in various IT departments that don't even know what open source really means. Thus, there is definitely a general lack of understanding about open source in the business community as a whole.

I think an understanding of open source technology needs to be more effectively promoted to the business and nonprofit communities. I think that if and when large segments of the business industry realize that something like Open Office is at least just as effective as Microsoft Office, there will be a large migration to open source solutions and a much better understanding of the benefits of doing so.

Re: Is Open Source Dying?
  • 2007/11/2 19:22

  • suico

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Don't think open source would never die. It will fight for space as any other competitor in any other field.

First open source arrived and nobody used to use it and proprietary solutions weren t bored by them.

Then they have biten some space of the proprietary software companies and they have reacted.

Now open source will have to develop strategies to fight competition, but no, i don t think it will never die.
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