Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release
  • 2007/9/28 0:33

  • Saganxis

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Yes you can use a sitemap for each site. All sites uses the same files but not the same database.We 've been testing this and there is no problem with google, the sites are found by google, don't worry.If you can pay someone??, yes,to me jajaja. This solution is under testing so we strongly DON'T recommend to use multix in production. This is an stable version. I'm working to improve some things. I'll let you know about the next version.

Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release

After reading thru this again and one more shot on install I give up. The directions make no sence the installer makes no sence.

I don't mind testing it. But after several attempts to install this with no success. Your directions are very confusing.

If you know there is "problem's with the installer and the directions to install"! "I would fix that first"! That way people can help you test it.

Maybe it is easy to install for others but im at a loss on how to do it.

Let me know when you have another version and the installer has been fixed. I will try again for you.


Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release
  • 2007/9/28 4:07

  • jeffgr

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First, thanks for your hard work on this release...I have been waiting for something like this for a long time!

A few things....

1. The .zip download on the Sourceforge site never seems to work for me...I always end up downloading a corrupt file. The .tar.gz download does work for me however. Just letting you know.

2. I want to use XOOPS 2.0.17 RC1, rather then just 2.0.17 (due to the login session issue). How can I upgrade your package to 2.0.17?



Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release

Is there a new release with the installer upgraded yet? I still want to give feedback. I just need to get it installed first.

Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release
  • 2007/10/18 16:19

  • nekro

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There isnt a new version yet... but it will be soon... (not more than a week or two)

Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release

Thank you for the update!

Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release

Hmm I have built a multisite out of XOOPS I started with version 2.0.13 now running 2.0.16, I don't think you need to make a version like this as any programmer who wants a multiple site will probably get themselves blacklisted if they list the same content on each site by the search engines if they are displaying the same content.. They have to know what they are doing,,

But my multiple site is an Adult Classified Network, I have modified the core of XOOPS to handle by and area control table that control listing types by domains so none of my sites have the same content on them... It was still blacklisted by msn but runs fine on google, yahoo, voyager etc.

The URL's if you want to look at it are:

• www.australian-escort-lounge.info
• www.europe-escort-lounge.info
• www.america-escort-lounge.info
• www.asia-escort-lounge.info
• www.newzealand-escort-lounge.info
• www.french-escort-lounge.info
• www.british-escort-lounge.info
• www.sydney-escort-lounge.info
• www.brisbane-escort-lounge.info
• www.goldcoast-escort-lounge.info
• www.newcastle-escort-lounge.info
• www.perth-escort-lounge.info
• www.melbourne-escort-lounge.info
• www.adelaide-escort-lounge.info
• www.darwin-escort-lounge.info
• www.canberra-escort-lounge.info

Currently the australian side of the domains get around 400 people a day on adverage peaking at 700 a day.. It is ok but I want to sell it as I don't have enought time to propogate the listings.

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Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release
  • 2007/12/17 19:43

  • Watdehek

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"1- Configure your http server virtual host... to see all the same folder using diferent URL"

Sorry for my dumb question but how do I do this?

Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release
  • 2007/12/20 21:51

  • Watdehek

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Ok, it works now.

You need to create a vhost.conf file in Apache with the following content:

ServerAlias *.yourdomain.com

If you cannot create this file because your webhost doesn't allow you to, you can ask them to put a domain wildcard on your domain.

This way Multix will get the correct $_SERVER[ 'HTTP_HOST' ].

Re: Xoops MultiSite beta Release
  • 2008/1/13 16:38

  • Georgeaha

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if there was any more progress on the multisite module ?


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