Date problem at newbb forum 3.01.
  • 2007/7/30 23:29

  • psaxtiri

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  • Since: 2007/6/17

I run XOOPS 2.0.16 and when someone (or even me admin)submits a topic, the date of post appears like this _JulWed_Jul-0700NPDT08WedAM2007.

Have you ever have the same problem? what can i do to solve it?

Re: Date problem at newbb forum 3.01.
  • 2007/10/7 17:46

  • vPASP

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Hi my friend. I' m greek too, and I have the same problem...

Although, I didn't solve it, i saw that when i change the site language to english, the problem did not existed(although all the letters appeared very strange, bacause of the utf language format..).

I try to find the solution and I saw that some users have this problem, but I can't find them because there is not any search keyword effective to find these topics.
If anyone solved that, please tell us!

Re: Date problem at newbb forum 3.01.
  • 2007/10/7 17:57

  • alfred

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add your
the follow lines:

define("_DATESTRING","Y/n/j G:i:s");
define("_MEDIUMDATESTRING","Y/n/j G:i");
// !!IMPORTANT!! insert '' before any char among reserved chars: "a", "A","B","c","d","D","F","g","G","h","H","i","I","j","l","L","m","M","n","O","r","s","S","t","T","U","w","W","Y","y","z","Z"    
// insert double '' before 't', 'r', 'n'
define("_TODAY""Today G:i:s");
define("_YESTERDAY""Yes\te\rday G:i:s");
define("_MONTHDAY""n/j G:i:s");
define("_YEARMONTHDAY""Y/n/j G:i");


Re: Date problem at newbb forum 3.01.
  • 2007/10/7 17:58

  • AndyM

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The latest version of CBB (formerly newbb) is something like 3.08, so I'd suggest you update as the problem may already have been fixed...

Re: Date problem at newbb forum 3.01.
  • 2007/10/8 14:20

  • vPASP

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Well, with the help of the greek XOOPS community, the problem is solved.

you shall edit the main.php file at //xoops folder/modules/newbb/language/greek/

add the following lines:

define("_MD_TODAY", "\Σ\ή\μ\ε\ρ\α G:i:s");
define("_MD_YESTERDAY", "\Χ\θ\ε\ς G:i:s");
define("_MD_MONTHDAY", "j/n G:i:s");
define("_MD_YEARMONTHDAY", "d/M/Y G:i");

(it says "\s\h\m\e\r\a G:i:s" (meaning \t\o\d\a\y\, xthes....)

PS. I can understand the way the search machine works. I've searched with the keywords date problem, and it returned many other things. It does not sort the results by "how close they are of the keywords", it does not rate the results at all i think..


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