Creating multiple Main Menu headings
  • 2007/9/23 19:28

  • jschweg

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Quick question. I'm a XOOPS newbie and am wondering if what I want to do is possible.

I found a perfect module for posting articles and other information (SmartSection). The problem I have is the need to divide the information at a higher level.

If I add the module to my site, it will create the main menu entry for that module and I create all the subcategories I need underneath that menu item. The problem is that there are some items that wouldn't belong under that main section, and need another entry.

Not sure if this is making sense, but it's almost like what I need to do is add the same module again to give myself another main menu entry to put different items that wouldn't belong underneath the first one.

Am I making sense?

Re: Creating multiple Main Menu headings
  • 2007/9/23 21:41

  • mrphilong

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Re: Creating multiple Main Menu headings
  • 2007/9/24 13:23

  • jschweg

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Interesting, but doesn't appear to do what I need. What I really need to do is load the same module twice so I have the same exact functionality, but from 2 different main menu headings so I can put different information in each.

Re: Creating multiple Main Menu headings
  • 2007/9/24 14:55

  • lucas23

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Maybe you are asking how to clone Smartsection Module?
You can do it easily.

1. First of all, unzip the file and and open thesmartsection folder (check for latest version at www.smartfactory.ca)
2. In this folder you will find 2 folders: the "smartsetion folder" which you need to upload to your modules and the "extra" folder which you will need later on
3. install the smartsection module on your site just like you do it with any other module
4. Activate the module in your admin and check if it works
5. Once this is finished, look again in the main folder you've unzipped and open the "extra " folder
6. inside there are 2 folders again : "clone " and "seo"
7. open the clone folder and you will find the "clone.php file "
8. make a backup copy in this folder of the "clone.php file "
9. create the clone info ( your changes in the second part, where mysection could be myproduct or whatever): $patterns = array(
// first one must be module directory name
'smartsection' => 'mysection',
'SmartSection' => 'MySection',
'Smart Section' => 'My Section',
'Smartsection' => 'Mysection'

pick a different name everytime you clone the module. take note that the six variables above are variations of the same name, in this case, "mysection".

10. save the clone.php file and upload this file to the root of your XOOPS installation
11. now just call the page : www.yoursite.com/clone.php ( could be www.yoursite.com/xoops/clone.php or www.yoursite.com/anyotherfolder/clone.php as well obviously depending on where your XOOPS is installed)

(*I wish to thank EdwinSpie who helped me with this).

Re: Creating multiple Main Menu headings
  • 2007/9/24 18:05

  • jschweg

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Yes, thank you, I think this is exactly what I want to do.


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