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  • 2007/6/28 3:16

  • Catzwolf

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After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to put myself forward for the leadership role within XOOPS and pledged myself to make real changes and improvement that will lead to XOOPS challenging for its rightful place within the CMS world.

Let’s discuss the real issues within XOOPS and not shy away from what is really required. XOOPS has been run down by miss-management over the last 3 years. Code forgotten, community ignored, documentation left out in the cold and XOOPS being brought into disrepute by the people left in charge and who should have been setting an example, but instead decided abuse their positions within this community. The sad fact is this, there is mistrust in Xoops, and quite rightly so and that mistrust will not go easily, the management now have to earn that trust again and it will not be easy.

Let’s talk reality here for now. Even thought that Skapla
has ‘Supposedly’ resigned, we have yet to see this formally like a real leader should have but now we have a team that basically is still the same people who were telling us not two months ago that real change was about to take place. I am utterly astonished to see that we are again being told the same things YET AGAIN. How long does it take to put together a #OOPS# website? How long does it take to do the things we have been promised over and over again, by the exact same people before we have to realize that something is not right? Leopards do not change their spots within a few weeks.

I personally do not believe that XOOPS is in capable hands right at this moment. I do not believe that the direction that XOOPS is taking is the correct one for reasons I will point out shortly. Bring XOOPS back from the dead will not be an easy job, probably a long and painful one at that but the truth of the matter is this, some real difficult decisions have to be made now to prevent the further decay of what really matters. The CODE! I have yet to see any real discussion on this matter. Instead, we are now subjected to a barrage of new teams for just about every single thing that you can think of, we now have more team members than we do community and why? Why on earth do we need all these teams? So far we have seen more contradiction, struggle for power; confusion and totally absurdity with what should really be a simple task and nothing more. There is no need for councils, or 100’s of team leaders and teams.

What is required right now is strong leadership, (note: Strong leadership does not = dictatorship) people with vision and the strength to carry out what is really required for the future of Xoops. So far I have seen little or nothing to suggest that there is a current agenda within this team. I have not seen one ounce of documentation outlining the future development of Xoops, or real direction that we as a community should be taking.

Now, let’s look at the real issues concerning Xoops.

1. The Code: XOOPS is outdated and now well behind in today’s standards. We have no real roadmap for change, no timeline for these changes or do we really have a clue what the hell is going on. We are told one minute that the two versions will be merged and then we are told different. We should have only one development branch of XOOPS at one time. XOOPS 2.016 should remain the preferred stable release and the branch that should be considered the only one that should be worked on. The 2.2 branch should be left aside and a converter made available to those using this branch. This issue has been the biggest factor in the slowing down of XOOPS in the last 3 years. Much of the framework from 2.2 branch will incorporated into the 2.016 branch to keep compatibility with many modules.
a. Xoops 2.2 will no longer be a workable branch and work will be terminated on this branch.
b. Compatibility issues between the two branches will keep with a merged framework version.
c. A new Roadmap outlining the new version of XOOPS will be released giving timeframes for each development cycle. This new roadmap will be decided after taking into consideration with what the community would like to see in their Xoops.
d. Developers: Positions, Responsibilities and Levels.

2. The Development: How do we approach development? Design and research is the answer and should be presented at a developer workgroup session and the developers should agree on the best course for the new roadmap. These come in three different stages:
a. Major: (X.Y.Z) generally considered a major re-write of the core and could break compatibility with previous releases. The versioning would be considered a major step. (Note: New versioning will and have to be discussed by the core developers)
b. Minor: (X.Y.Z) this would be considered minor changes to the core, possibly breaking some compatibility with the previous versions. Small version numbering changes.
c. Maintenance: (X.Y.Z) Small increment in the version changes, total compatibility with previous versions, normally considered a bug or security fix version.

3. Backwards compatibility: Development must a maximum amount of backwards compatibility with previous versions of Xoops, but there will be times when there are changes that break this rule and we must provide the mechanism to ensure that the change over will be as painless as possible for the end-user. All development should keep in mind 3rd party developers when changing XOOPS API and all changes should be well documented to allow for 3rd party developers to easily upgrade their own modules when and if required.

4. Documentation: Much of XOOPS problem is the lack of documentation, either With API reference of User manuals. Many other CMS like Joomla, Mambo and Drupal are so far advanced in this department and this is something that requires serious work by the XOOPS core management structure. Many users and developers are put off XOOPS due to this issue, and it is not something that can just be changed over night. We have to pledge dedicated commitment to change, not only in the core attitude towards documentation within XOOPS and the Website, but to changing the attitude of 3rd party developers within their own software.

a. New website dedicated to providing help, FAQ etc. This will be a sub site of the main XOOPS site.
b. Help manuals supplied within XOOPS itself. This will be considered a Help and provide insight into ‘How to use Xoops’. Perfect example of this is within Joomla, who provide excellent ‘in site’ documentation.

There has been much talk over the last few months regarding website to be used at Xoops. What is official and what is not official. So far I am seeing all manner of conflicting discussion regarding this issue. What should be considered an official website? Anything that deals with the XOOPS Core itself! If someone wants to create a website that is community driven then by all means, but I do not believe that a core area of XOOPS should be left to the community to maintain.

The XOOPS Website should be broken down into 5 different subsites for the user.
a. Main website: This should the front of Xoops, the window that all potential new users should see. We should take into consideration that all users are not technically minded and some will be easily put off if a product ‘seems’ technical from the onset. We should promote a friendly, easy clean product and not a technical manual for the developer minded.

This are of the site will provide core, and user news and information to XOOPS community driven websites and local XOOPS communities.
b. Development: This website will house all developer API references and discussion regarding the further development of the XOOPS Core and 3rd party modules. Only tracker (bugs) items will be submitted to sourceforge. Sourceforge will NOT be used as a medium to discuss further XOOPS development.
c. Help: We all need help now and again, but at the moment there is no real place that XOOPS can call its own. We have had much debate whether this should be a community issue or a XOOPS management one. I believe it should be regarded as both. It is our job to provide the community with real documentation to our product, but we should make it as flexible as possible. We should allow the community to participate with adding content, while we should provide moderation of said content.
d. Addons: This should not be a community driven website considering its content. We all know the recent issues with the current compatibility issues with modules; this issue has arisen due to many elements, mainly due to the fact that the split in core, module developers leaving XOOPS and many security bugs found in many XOOPS modules. This problem cannot just be easily pushed away by removing modules from the repository; we have to address the real issues behind these problems. (Some which I have discussed above).
e. Forums: Speaks for itself.

Recently we have seen some outrages behavior here within the XOOPS Forum. I am saddened to say that this has a detrimental effect on our community as a whole; I would go as far to say that it has left a lot of bad feelings and split our community apart. Yet, I believe this could have been easily prevented if the right measures had been in place.

Moderators Etiquette

Our main priority is to provide the best service possible to our community. To that end, Moderators should endeavor to be pro-active in their dealings with users and stay informed on XOOPS development and procedures.
• Treat Members and co-members with tolerance, understanding and respect.
• Moderators are not allowed to do any harassment or any other personal assault while moderating the forum or while involved in XOOPS CMS business.
• Moderators even when not on duty must always show respect and pose them selves as ambassadors of XOOPS CMS as you represent our services and your actions have an impact on all Moderators and the community.
• When replying to any community member for help topics or answering general questions, you’re to reframe from using profanity or slang at all times or be condescending. Your conduct must be exemplary, polite and understanding at all times.
• Always try and answer all questions with the best of your knowledge. If a question does arise that you are not aware of ask any other XOOPS CMS Project member for assistance.
• Attend all mandatory meetings and read all developer list emails. (Skpye or otherwise stated)
• Xoops CMS Moderators are encouraged to chat in the discussion forums with members and enjoy your time.
• If a problem arises with a member and you’re not getting anywhere, yet the community member informs you that they will file a complaint against you, you must provide them with a contact e-mail address for the forum administrator. On doing this, you must follow the correct procedure for doing this. (Please read the Moderator Complaint Procedures forum for this).
• All community members have the right to file a complaint on any XOOPS CMS Project member and all Moderators must provide the information requested for the appropriate department.
• Moderators are responsible for their password and account and must never give it out to anyone.
• Moderators MUST NOT give any information/usernames/passwords regarding any area of Xoops.com. This includes ftp/websites/sourceforge etc.
Resolving Conflicts
When a community member has a problem with the conduct of another community member, resolve the situation in the following manner:
• Address the issue, always in a professional manner and out of view of other community members.
• If the issue could not be resolved then talk to a senior member of the XOOPS CMS staff and ask for assistance or create a log in the ‘Moderator Complaint Procedures’ board.
Job Description/Roles
This information is designed to set boundaries for each member area of XOOPS CMS, this will help to stop confusion in the long run. Note, these only apply to moderation and day to day running of the forum
• Administration: Are here to help forum moderators if problems arise that a moderator cannot fix themselves.
• Developers: Developers are not moderators and should not regard themselves are such. If a developer comes across an issue within the forum they must report it to a moderator and not get directly involved in any situation that could escalate or put XOOPS Moderators into disrepute.
• Moderators: Moderators at the only members of Xoops.com who can police and keep the peace within the XOOPS Forums. Moderator however must request to have forum topics closed, removed or members banned. Moderators can however stick topics and other area assigned to them.
• Xoops.com will NOT lock or remove a topic/post at the wish of a community member. All moderators are requested to politely remind the community member that unless a serious breach of conduct as occurs then you are not permitted to do such unless requested by an administrator.
• Moderators can warn community members for breach of forum conduct. When doing so please point out why they are receiving the warning and post a link into the forum post pointing to which area of conduct the community member has breached. All breaches of conduct and member warnings must be logged for future reference. Failure to do so could result in a warning and continued failures will result in removal of moderator status.
• It is in your best interest to keep moderator logs up to date and complete. This gives us a full reference point for the future and makes managing the board easier.
Disciplinary Action
• Xoops CMS Moderators can be subjected to a review at any time if deemed appropriate by the Administrators, Coordinator of Project Members.
• Failure to abide by the XOOPS CMS Project Member policy may result in a verbal or written warning, or if the offense is severe enough, a Moderators review for removal.
• Three written warnings in a six month period will result in a mandatory Moderators review.
• Possible outcomes of any XOOPS CMS Moderators review include, but are not limited to:
o Probation
o Suspension
o Termination of Project Position
o Removed completely of all XOOPS CMS services
These are just some of the issue that I feel we as a community should address if the continued development of XOOPS to progress past the last few years that we have seen. We need to move in the right direction now or we could find ourselves lost well behind other CMS that right now are leaping further and further away from us.

Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 4:12

  • giba

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I felt firmness as always and confidence.

Since when I initiated in xoops, here he was catz and very I learned. Later I saw with much fight its attempts to make a great evolution. Lately I saw this evolution and the requested users had been heard clearly and many features were all there.

I never had and I will never have fear to place my face to be esbofeteada, I will always go to speak what I think and I find correct.

Here it is saying somebody that can promote the real change. That it has firmness and devotion on purpose and that also speaks what feels and believes. I always will follow I lead that they share the same of ideal.

He does not matter if you participate of project, project B or project C, what valley is to make the difference. To be present and to honor the work that quick you for the community and to the future.

I believe until the Catz speaks better in code, but to this topic I agree 100% to it. It had the courage of saying frankly the truth donates who to ache and for this he also has my support.

I am very tired to try to help and to participate simply of the moments important and to be ignored. We go to change this my people, us we can, we want to improve, have will, have joy, make the difference. If project X by Catz was compatible with the modules of the line 2.0x I probably would not be here.

But that is very difficult, XOOPS is for me today a son and I taste to deal with very well my children. I want to see it to grow strong, intelligent, humble and with health. We go to give to a possibility to proejto XOOPS my people. Here it is to lider that even so it can not please some, it will go to have the support of who desires to see XOOPS to progress.

In hypothesis some I am undeserving nobody here, please, I do not understand me bad. I am wanting to say that we go to give to this possibility XOOPS and will go to see that we make right. We go to give support, we go to give suggestions, we go to register, we go to construct.

Desde quando eu iniciei em xoops, aqui estava catz e muito eu aprendi. Depois eu vi com muita luta a suas tentativas de fazer uma grande evolu??o. Ultimamente eu vi esta evolu??o e claramente os usuários foram ouvidos e muitas features solicitadas estavam todas lá.

Nunca tive e nunca terei medo de colocar a minha face para ser esbofeteada, sempre irei falar o que penso e acho correto.

Aqui está falando alguém que pode promover a real mudan?a. Que tem firmeza e dedica??o de propósito e que também fala o que sente e acredita. Eu sempre seguirei lideres que compartilham do mesmo ideal.

N?o importa se você participa de projeto A, projeto B ou projeto C, o que vale é fazer a diferen?a. Estar presente e honrar o trabalho que você presta para a comunidade e ao futuro.

Eu acredito até que o Catz fale melhor em código, mas neste tópico eu concordo 100% com ele. Ele teve a coragem de falar francamente a verdade doa a quem doer e por isto tem o meu apoio também.

Eu estou muito cansado de tentar ajudar e participar dos momentos importantes e ser simplesmente ignorado. Vamos mudar isto meu povo, nós podemos, nós queremos melhorar, tenha vontade, tenha alegria, fa?a a diferen?a. Se o projeto X by Catz fosse compatível com os módulos da linha 2.0x eu provavelmente n?o estaria aqui.

Mas isto é muito difícil, o XOOPS é para mim hoje um filho e eu gosto de tratar muito bem de meus filhos. Quero ver ele crescer forte, inteligente, humilde e com saúde. Vamos dar uma chance ao proejto XOOPS meu povo. Aqui está um lider que embora possa n?o agradar alguns, ele irá ter o apoio de quem deseja ver o XOOPS progredir.

Em hipótese alguma eu estou desmerecendo ninguém aqui, por favor, n?o me entendam mau. Eu estou querendo dizer que vamos dar esta chance a XOOPS e ir?o ver que acertamos. Vamos dar apoio, vamos dar sugest?es, vamos documentar, vamos construir.

My vote Catz leader team Xoops.

Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 5:55

  • Marco

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yes, i personaly want our old, talentuous, and best friends to be back on the sceene, aka Catz and Pred. XOOPS miss them strongly.
Do synergy or die.

Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 6:07

  • hervet

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Catz, you have all my trust.

Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 7:24

  • tzvook

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Hello Catz
What took you so long ?
Yep, this is the place to make changes !!!


Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 8:50

  • Anonymous

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hervet wrote:

Catz, you have all my trust.

That's a mighty powerful vote of confidence in my book.

I posted a "wishlist" a few weeks ago and your name was prominent. I didn't really think that you could be tempted back given your other projects. For me, the fact that you are willing to give XOOPS another go is testament in itself to your commitment to xoops.

This project can really move forward with your experience, common sense approach and long track record and skill with regard to coding on board.

Thank you for stepping forward. You have my vote

Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 10:35

  • Catzwolf

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Thanks for your votes, I will, if given the chance put them to proper use. :)



Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 11:46

  • Dave_L

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Catz, I hope you will continue to be a part of the XOOPS project. That goes for marco and herve too, and anyone else who wants to help.

But I don't think you, or anyone else for that matter, should be the sole leader. The problem with having a single leader is that the project is at his mercy. If he leaves, or fails to meet his commitments, the project stagnates. We've seen that for the last several years.

The XOOPS project is not a military organization, nor a commercial one. It's an open-source project made up of volunteers. All decisions must be reached by discussion, resulting in mutual agreement. Actions can only be achieved through willing cooperation.

For that reason, the project must be led by a group of people who can work together. If one of them leaves the project, for any reason, the project can continue.

A framework must exist that allows anyone to contribute. And decisions must always be discussed in public before become finalized.

The core developers have been meeting, in an open forum, for the last couple of weeks at sf.net. It was slow getting started, but I believe we are beginning to make progress.

Other teams have been having discussions here, as you've seen.

It's only been three weeks since skalpa's resignation was announced. Please allow some more time before making judgements.

Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 11:59

  • marcan

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Hi Catz ! It is a pleasure to see you here. I believe you can truly help the XOOPS project and I hope you will !

However, I'm supporting Dave_L in his last post. XOOPS does not need another single leader. XOOPS needs a strong team of skilled people to develop the code, organize the community, the official sites, coordinate the documentation etc...

As Dave_L mentioned, we have some good discussion on the SourceForge Core Forum and 9 of us met yesterday for a chat meeting which discussion shall be published today.

Altough DJ currently acts as the core leader, it was very clear that we are a team and we make team decision. DJ is not an all-powerfull leader

I strongly encourage to come and join us and help us build what XOOPS should be !

Best regards !
.:: marcan (aka mal aka Marc-André) ::.
.:: Open Source :: The SmartFactory ::.
.:: XOOPS Professional Services :: INBOX International ::.

Re: Project Leader: Catzwolf
  • 2007/6/28 12:21

  • Catzwolf

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marcan wrote:
Hi Catz ! It is a pleasure to see you here. I believe you can truly help the XOOPS project and I hope you will !

However, I'm supporting Dave_L in his last post. XOOPS does not need another single leader. XOOPS needs a strong team of skilled people to develop the code, organize the community, the official sites, coordinate the documentation etc...

As Dave_L mentioned, we have some good discussion on the SourceForge Core Forum and 9 of us met yesterday for a chat meeting which discussion shall be published today.

Altough DJ currently acts as the core leader, it was very clear that we are a team and we make team decision. DJ is not an all-powerfull leader

I strongly encourage to come and join us and help us build what XOOPS should be !

Best regards !

Hi Marcan,

I think we are misconstruing the word leadership with dictatorship here. Being a good leader is different from being a dictator, the two are in fact very different.

A good leader will listen to those around him/her and implement those wish as best he can, delegating roles to those best suited for the job, making sure that targets are met and that a project runs as smoothly as possible.

A dictator who is someone that imposes his own wish over someone else’s free will regardless of the outcome.

I am all for promoting team work at all stages of The XOOPS development. But just creating teams for the sake of having teams will not solve the issues that underline the current situation here at Xoops. We need to look at the problems that have been faced recently and not just gloss over them with a new coat of paint hoping that the cracks will not come back again. We need to go back to the wood and start again with a fresh coat of primer.

Councils on paper work ever so well, but when it comes to reality it then becomes a different story altogether and we are starting to see that already. Councils will distract from the real issues eventually and what is important will be pushed aside. I have seen it done so many times before and I see it happening again here at Xoops.

There is nothing wrong with strong leadership, if that person acts on behalf of the Community and not on their own agenda.




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