Progress Report - Communications Team, 26 June
  • 2007/6/27 3:51

  • skenow

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Here is a quick summary of the recent activities of the Communications Team

Completed Items

* The team list has been completed
* 'Changes' article has been published
* Invitation to international sites has been published

Open Items

* We are continuing as a combined communications and documentation team - our team has been working well with this arrangement, with a clear definition of tasks and responsibilities
* Tom has requested access to post news and set the spotlight article at XOOPS.org
* Terms of Reference for the team are in draft
* Document Templates are ready for use
* Determining a document's 'Official' status discussion is open
* File formats for the document repository are being discussed - primary types will be html (online). Offline documents will be availabe in .pdf (portable document format), .doc (MS Word), .odt (Open Office)
* Protector v3.04 documentation submitted for review
* Interview with jmorris about security is in draft. It will be released with the final version of Protector documentation
* Determining criteria for what news items get the spotlight are being discussed

More details are available in the Work Forums at XOOPSinfo.com

Re: Progress Report - Communications Team, 26 June

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Re: A conflict?
  • 2007/6/27 14:50

  • kc0maz

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It has been brought to my attention that there may be a conflict with what the communications team will be doing and with what the proposed Community Coordination Team is proposed to be doing here.

I really do not foresee a major problem. Rather representatives from both teams would together to produce a usable product with some documentation that really means something.
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Re: A conflict?
  • 2007/6/27 16:07

  • skenow

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Here are the premises we have been working with:

Community Coordination Team


The XOOPS community coordination Team Proposal

1 responsible for daily administrative jobs
2 help users to contact corresponding teams upon their requests
3 help users to understand and use XOOPS correctly
4 help users to use the XOOPS official sites properly

Communications Team

The XOOPS Documentation Team is very critical to the Project.
It was proposed in the Letter to XOOPS community as "documentation and promotion", of which the task of promotion will be more coved by "community communication team".

1 maintain XOOPS official documentation site docs.xoops.org
2 produce technical tutorials and articles
3 recruit more people to contribute to the Project with articles and tutorials
4 help write readme articles for modules

I think both groups will expand on those early definitions (I know we have with the Communications Team) and there will definitely be opportunities for multiple teams to address the same goal and even the same tasks.

Here is the expanded view of the communications/documentation team

We have done additional work at XOOPSinfo to further define our tasks and responsibilities, which we have been posting here for the community. Of course, input from the community and the other teams will have a large influence on how we prioritize our tasks and efforts.

I foresee the role of the Community Coordination team to assist in determining those priorities and connect users with the results of our combined efforts.

Re: A conflict - Resolved.
  • 2007/6/27 16:58

  • kc0maz

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As I suspected. We would work together toward a common goal.

While we are helping users connect with proper documentation, we can let you know if something is unclear, or needs revising. we would also ask for help when new software needs documentation.

I was not shouting, I was emphasizing with italics the fact the Community Coordination Team is only a proposed team, not an official team, as there was some fuss about its status last week.

I did not propose this team, nor am I the team leader. I am just laying the groundwork so the team can be established, and a leader selected. Our respective teams functions are very different, and joining the community coordination with the communication team would not be keeping with the goals of the community coordination team. Thus, I respectfully decline your offer to join the communications team at this time.

Some dream of success, while others wake up and work for it.


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