Re: Resetting Post Count
  • 2007/5/30 14:09

  • irmtfan

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my solution for this annoying bug was upgrade to 2.2.5. you can do the same thing.


I tried the script and it seemed to work well on the lower level post, but as for my posts (350+) it only restored that count to about 160.

the script works correct. it counts "forum posts + Comments" not any other submits like pics , news , ...

Re: Resetting Post Count
  • 2007/5/30 18:55

  • fosterm

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Thanks for clarifying my issue with the script. Also thanks for the tip about 2.2.5. I have upgraded. Hopefully that will fix the issue.

Thanks to all that helped.

Re: Resetting Post Count
  • 2007/6/27 10:28

  • einherjer

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I am running 2.2.5 and CBB 3.01 and it happend to my site too.

Any ideas how to fix this permanently?

Are there any solutions to stop this bots from registering to a site?

Re: Resetting Post Count
  • 2007/6/27 13:16

  • Mantooth

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the old mylinks module was causing this to happen on my site. i was using XOOPS 2.2.5 and cbb 3.05.

every time someone would add or delete a link, all the user's post counts would go down to zero.

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Re: Resetting Post Count
  • 2007/8/4 5:29

  • fosterm

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Has anyone figured this out yet?

I thought I had it solved. I upgraded to 2.2.5 rc2 and even installed the protector module, but just a few days ago someone with a .info email address registered and spammed my News 1.4 comment section.

After deleting all the spam my posts were all -1 again.

Does anyone have a clue on this one?

Re: Resetting Post Count
  • 2007/8/16 13:17

  • hipoonios

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Got this this error on my site today.

Its a spam-bot for sure that causing this problem.
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Re: Resetting Post Count
  • 2008/1/3 7:52

  • invertigo7

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I seem to have the problem when I go in and manually delete comments from my news posts that were made by spam accounts.

For example, just tonight, I saw I had a few new spam accounts on my site. Some of them had no posts, so I just deleted their accounts. However, a couple of them made comments to my posts in the news module. I decided to delete the comments before I deleted the accounts. As soon as I deleted just one comment, all the post counts for every member on my site went to -1.

If it makes any difference, the only module on my web site where members can post comments or ANYTHING at all is the news module. Only admins can create new News posts. I can run the script that was linked up on page one and it sets all the post counts back to what they should be.

I just thought I'd throw this info out there in case it helps anyone else.

Re: Resetting Post Count

This has been happening to my site for 2 years. I've never found an answer. . this thread is the most i've ever seen. I also am running 2.2.4 and cbb. I will run the script. . seems like that might be ok until the next release. I had reported this as a bug ages ago (i think) but nothing ever came of it.

Re: Resetting Post Count
  • 2008/2/7 8:54

  • einherjer

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Problem is solved for me since i updated to 2.2.5 (2.2.6 is the latest version) and installation of XOOPS protector module.

Maybe you should update to 2.2.6 and use Xoops Protector.


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