XOOPS Core upgrades are missing?
  • 2007/3/14 23:29

  • pnppcs

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Hi, I was looking through the upgrade patches and found some missing I think

I believe these 2 locations are the only ones available??

Newer upgrades - http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=41586&package_id=153583&release_id=463980

Older upgrades - http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=41586&package_id=72954

It appears there is no upgrades for,
2.0.13 - - - 2.0.14

Or, maybe I missed something...

I actually need these to upgrade my websites, so if anyone could make them available to me, or, alternatively if someone could let me know when the sourceforge sites have been updated with the above required files I would muchly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

Re: XOOPS Core upgrades are missing?
  • 2007/3/15 0:44

  • pnppcs

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oops (i think)

I was reading the .txt in the 2.0.16.zip and found:

Upgrading from any XOOPS ranging from 2.0.7 to (using the full package):
1. Move the "upgrade" folder inside the "htdocs" folder (it's been kept out as it's not needed for full installs)
2. Delete htdocs/mainfile.php, and htdocs/install
3. Upload the content of the htdocs folder over your existing files
4. Delete the following folders and files from your server (they belong to an old version):
* class/smarty/core
* class/smarty/plugins/resource.db.php
5. Empty the templates_c folder (except index.html)
6. Ensure the server can write to mainfile.php
7. Access /upgrade/ using your browser, and follow the instructions
8. Write-protect mainfile.php again
9. Remove the upgrade folder after use
10. Update the "system" module from the modules administration interface

So, does this mean that when i get to I can just follow the above instructions to go straight to 2.0.16 and skip 2.0.14 and 2.0.15??

Thanks again in advance,

Re: XOOPS Core upgrades are missing?
  • 2007/3/15 1:14

  • snow77

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This means that if you have any XOOPS version starting from 2.0.7 up to you can do this upgrade and go straight to having a XOOPS version 2.0.16. It's always recommended to do a backup before doing an upgrade, yet this upgrade has been very stable all the times I've done it.

Re: XOOPS Core upgrades are missing?
  • 2007/3/15 7:48

  • davidl2

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Yes, I recently upgraded to 2.0.16 the same method.


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