2007 DayLight Savings Time Change
  • 2007/3/1 16:13

  • srmcatee

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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I've searched the site and have not found a relevant topic, so...

Is anyone aware of any patches required to make XOOPS compliant with the daylight savings time changes?

Here's a reference link:
ChurchLedger.com - A Xoops Module Developer

Re: 2007 DayLight Savings Time Change
  • 2007/3/1 16:34

  • JMorris

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XOOPS shouldn't require any patches. XOOPS uses PHP to retrieve the time from the server it is hosted on, then adjusts the time offset based on your configuration in the Administrator Control Panel.

As long as the Administrator(s) of the server you are hosted on are using NTP to keep the server time accurate, you shouldn't have an issue.


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Re: 2007 DayLight Savings Time Change
  • 2007/3/1 17:45

  • Dave_L

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And assuming that the server O/S is up-to-date. For example, Win2K requires manual patching, and old linux distros may require that too.

Re: 2007 DayLight Savings Time Change
  • 2007/5/8 17:05

  • doniking

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How to disable DST in my XOOPS?
coz all time in may post looks like in Dst format which 1 hour than my local time.
i am running XOOPS on localhost (my computer located in Indonesia using windows XP) and when I checked using date("I") the value is 1.

how to disable this. because I am going to upload my XOOPS site on webhosting with Linux OS and its located on Indonesia (gmt+7) which the date("I") return 0.

what is the better way to correct this so when I upload my XOOPS site, I wont be bothered.


Re: 2007 DayLight Savings Time Change
  • 2007/5/9 4:56

  • ewonline

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So does XOOPS have no support for automatic DST detection based on the users selected timezone/location?
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