Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/25 17:10

  • hervet

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Thecat, the author of the last versions of catads will make a pause in the development of catads.

We (Instant Zero) have asked him if we could continue the module's development.
He agreed (and we thanks him for this)

Do you have some enhancement ideas or some corrections needs ?


Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/25 17:42

  • davidl2

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Thank you Herve - I'll think about this also

Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/25 19:49

  • chippyash

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I have a few, based on my experience of having to hack it for others.

1/ Needs (must have) a payments interface. This is important for generating revenue, (actually what we really need is a proper multi vendor payments system module for XOOPS that other modules can interface to.)
2/ Multiple pictures allowable (0..n) per category picture limit
3/ User defineable fields and field names, again per category. This is important because catads can be used for a whole variety of things such as job listings, car (automobile) ads etc etc and each type of advert requires different data
4/ Blocks that mimic the google and amazon displays. i.e text only, text and picture, picture only, in the different sizes that google and amazon support.
4a/ the ability to serve adverts to third party sites using the block formats discussed in item 4. This is a (very) nice to have, but perhaps outside of the scope.
5/ Cloneable blocks (so that blocks can change content dependent on their position inside the site) or possibly context sensitive blocks, again a la google and amazon

That should keep you going chap!

Let me know if you need clarification on any of these.


PS You should also scan Module Usage and Module Request forums on this site for ideas that others have had as well.

Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/25 20:54

  • siweb

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Here is a summary of feature requests from this topic:

1. thumbnail display beside each listed ad
2. multi-page navigation at the bottom of the page
3. ability to separate commercial/from non-commerical sellers
4. a "my ads" page, where ads are listed with thumbnails...sort of like your own mini-store...i know your ads are already listed on your profile page, but this would keep these results separate, so if you are selling alot of things, you can say, hey check out my "my store" page
5. Allow users to modify Duration of posted ads

Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/26 8:20

  • hervet

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thank you for your suggestions.

We will try to do our best to add your suggestions and we will keep in mind two things :

a) simplicity
b) add it only if it can be useful for everybody


Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/27 17:32

  • cotros

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How about getting a more flexible permissions system.
Different group of users (eg. paying customers and free users) have different access rights (eg. how many ads they can post, pics etc)


Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/28 6:15

  • irmtfan

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i dont know about differences between "Catads" and "classifieds"
is there any big changes in features and functionality?

Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/28 12:13

  • jlm69

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I believe the difference is that Catads was rewitten from scratch, The Classified ads is kind of an enhanced-updated myads, I used the myads module to make my Jobs and Alumni Modules so I figured it was time for me to add my changes to update the myads module. The classified ads is still Beta, but I have added many features that were asked for out of the catads module.(multiple photos, myads page, etc.) When I decided to update the myads module it didn't seem that anyone was working on the catads module, so it seemed at the time to be a need for it. I guess I will still finish it even if the catads module is still being developed. Right now I think the classifieds has more features, but probably not for long.


Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/28 13:33

  • Peekay

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Classifieds gets my vote at the moment. Users can price items at 4.99 whereas CatAds demands a whole number. Classifieds now has multiple pictures too.
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Re: Suggestions of enhancements for Catads
  • 2007/1/28 22:02

  • stefan88

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Good to hear the module will be developed

I wold add my vote for tumbnails in the ad page and full picture to be displayed on click ...

Also like the simplisity part


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